Dating: How to Pass a Woman’s Tests

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Women regularly test their men. Right from when a man meets a woman for the very first time through dating and marriage. So long as you’re in a relationship (or seeking one) women will constantly test you.

Although it may seem stupid and illogical, consider it from an evolutionary standpoint. Women are attracted to confident, dominant, masculine men. The best way to find out if he does indeed embody attractive traits is to test him, challenge him, indirectly insult him, and see how he responds.

If he doesn’t care and is not at all affected by her tests, she knows that he is an attractive, dominant, confident, masculine man. Her attractiveness consequently increases and intensifies. However, if he is upset or offended by her tests, or feels the need to prove himself, then she knows she has an unattractive, submissive, weak, wimpy guy. Her attraction evaporates and she’ll likely ditch the guy as quickly as she can and go search for a stronger, more masculine man who can, evolutionarily speaking, look after her and keep her safe.

The best way to respond to a woman’s tests is to agree and amplify what she said. Agree with what she says to the point where it is ridiculous. Doing this sub-communicates that you simply don’t care, an attitude women find irresistible.

A common test that women use when approached by men — especially if they begin a conversation with an improvised opener — is, “I bet you use that line on all the girls.” An example of agreeing with this statement and amplifying it to absurdity would be saying, “Yeah, I wake up in the morning covered in bitches, it’s that effective.” Or if she were to say something along the lines of, “Aww, are you upset?” an agreed and the amplified response would be, “Yeah, I’m going to go home and watch Titanic.” Likewise, you could respond to her accusing you of being “one of those pick-up-artist/player guys” by telling her, “Sounds like you’ve got an eye for talent.”

Meanwhile, a typical nice guy response would be something along the lines of, “I would never dream of stringing a girl along!” followed by a pathetic justification of how “I’m not like that!” So if ever you find a woman trying to test you — in an attempt to determine your strength of character, composure, and what “you’re like” — the best response is to simply agree and amplify it to absurdity. Just have fun and pay no attention. Women are instinctively attracted to this attitude.

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