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Many men put a huge responsibility onto women. A tremendous one. They make women responsible for their happiness. They approach women with the mindset that if they were with her, then they would be happy. That in the meantime, they’re just kind of feeling neutral or unhappy. This same mindset is also present in most men’s relationships with women. They are needy and clingy. They become overly attached.

This whole frame of mind is highly unattractive and repels women. Women want a masculine man. A strong, dominant, confident, independent man who is already living a life he loves. Who is already happy. Who is confident in himself.

This is once again — as usual — why so-called “bad boys” and “jerks” do so much better with women than do “nice guys.” They are indifferent to whether they’re with a woman or not. They are happy and confident either way. They don’t depend on the approval of women to be happy. They don’t need women.

Ironically, women find this mentality highly attractive. Women find most attractive the type of man who is indifferent to external events. He could get harshly rejected and have a drink chucked at him and think it was hilarious. He could be single, in a great relationship, or having heaps of one-night-stands. He’d be happy either way. He’d be confident either way. His happiness and self-worth does not depend on external events — least of all women. He lives an exciting life either way. Compared to “nice guys,” he’s pretty indifferent to women.

In addition to embodying highly attractive traits, the success of such a man with women can also be seen from the standpoint of value. A nice guy that feels if only he could be with women, then he would be happy provides no real value from the woman’s standpoint. He only takes value and offers little in return.

Meanwhile, this is not the case for a guy who is comparatively indifferent to having women in his life. He goes about living his life how he wants, he’s happy, he’s having the time of his life all the time, he does what he wants, he is adventurous, confident, and living the life he wants. He’s already happy, regardless of whether he’s with a woman or not. From the standpoint of a woman, this guy offers a lot more value. He offers the promise of fun, adventure, and happiness. He’s already happy, and so he brings happiness with him. He doesn’t depend on a woman for his happiness.

Such a guy offers a lot more value than a typical “nice guy.” While a nice guy takes value — depending on her for happiness, this type of guy gives value — by being happy and fun regardless of the situation. As such, there are two main reasons that such a guy is hugely attractive to women. Firstly, he embodies masculine, attractive traits. Secondly, he brings value rather than takes value.

So don’t rely on women for happiness, they can sense it and it is a huge turnoff. It comes across as needy, a hugely unattractive trait. Be strong, relatively indifferent, independent, and masculine. Create your own happiness. Be happy regardless of whether you’re single or bed hot women every night. Be fun and confident. Have inner strength and strength of character. Be masculine. Be a real man!

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