Did Domino's Pizza Change Its Recipe?

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For decades, there has been a Domino's Pizza presence in the United States.

The fast-food business is probably very familiar to anyone who has ever been too tired or found it boring to cook at home.

In 1985, Domino's became the fastest-growing pizza chain in the United States. Since then, the popularity of the chain has only increased.

You can always count on Domino's to get your pizza to you fast, and the quality is generally consistent.

But, did you know that the pizza you are eating isn't the same as it was 13 years ago?

It's because, in 2008, the pizza chain changed its original formula.

This article will reveal the real reason Domino's modified its pizza.

Customers Were Really Unhappy

Despite Domino's current appeal among pizza devotees, the company did not always enjoy a positive reputation.

Even previous to 2008, Domino's was infamous for its "cardboard crust" pizza, which customers criticized for being bland, flavorless, and chewy, with a sauce that tasted "like ketchup," among other things (according to CNN).

According to CBS News, Domino's decided to entirely rework its 49-year-old pizza recipe after realizing it had a serious pie problem.

Dave Brandon, the company's then-CEO, in his CBS interview:

We deconstructed our pizza and then rebuilt it from the bottom up, using only the crust as a base. We experimented with a plethora of various sauces, cheeses, and doughs in the hopes of making each one better than the last.
The market study discovered that the new aspects resulted in double-digit increases in purchase intent in each of the cases studied.
We didn't stop there, either. While we knew which individual components were delectable, we needed to ensure that they worked well together.
The crust was probably the closest match. No matter how hard we tried, the sauce and cheese could cover the majority of the dough. Because of this, we concluded that the best way to improve the dough was to focus on the section that was not covered up. So, after sprinkling the crust with a mixture of garlic, butter, and herbs, we found the perfect pizza recipe!

By 2010, the national chain had finished what is referred to as "the pizza turnaround," introducing its new pizza to the public.

The new pizza had a garlic-herb crust, a richer tomato sauce with a hint of red pepper, and shredded cheese instead of diced provolone and mozzarella, according to PopSugar.

So, which is your favorite Domino's pizza?

Which one would you suggest to a person who has never eaten a Domino's pizza?

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