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I love reading. I love having a book in my hand, flipping through the pages, and feeling the crispy paper between my fingers. But, I have so many things on my to-do list that there is no way for me to find time in a day to hold and read a book.

The only thing that keeps me close to books is audiobooks. I love this technology where you can listen to any book on the go without lugging around an entire library.

However, I always find that they’re too long to listen to while doing other things. Usually, if an audiobook is more than six hours, it takes a week for me to finish a book.

But, things changed when I came across this audiobook app called “Bookey.

This isn’t just an ordinary audiobook app. It’s different. It’s a game-changer. I will tell you why.

The reason for reading a book

Why do we read/listen to books?

Some people read books just to pass the time, while others see it as entertainment.

For some people, reading is their favorite pastime or hobby, while some readers are looking for more than just an enjoyable way to spend their free time. They want to improve themselves by educating themselves with new ideas and concepts that serve them in their current career goals or future aspirations.

Books can be very beneficial for self-improvement because, unlike other forms of media such as movies and TV shows which often change your perspective with limited information presented from the director’s point of view; when you read/listen to a book, you get access to many different perspectives on different issues allowing you expand your views and see things from all angles.

However, the main reason remains the same — gain useful insights from the book. Even if you’re reading fiction, you want to know the crux of the story as soon as possible.

Bookey addresses this concern very powerfully. Sometimes, we might miss the notable points from the book because the author is wandering around the topic. But Bookey doesn’t. It summarizes everything for you.

The thirty-minute audio is power-packed with the takeaways from the book. Reading a book is a different thing altogether; nothing can replace that. But, every day, tons of meaningful books are released that make it difficult for us to cope up with. Also, carrying a highlighter, and a notepad is often impractical due to fast-paced lifestyles like “meet-and-greet” culture or “lunch meetings.”

That’s why Bookey is a game-changer. The additional contents like the motivational snippets, inspirational quotes, and interviews of notable people made it so easier and convenient for me to remember what’s necessary.

Why I fell in love with Bookey

When I first downloaded the Bookey app, I wasn’t so excited.

But, there weren’t any pesky ads that interrupted my listening experience. Plus, it’s really easy to use!

The app has different genres — Personal Development, Biography, Leadership, Art, Business, and more. They are also organized by categories like “Popular” and “Recommended for you.”

When you click on a book, it plays immediately without downloading anything because everything is already available on the app! All of this made me want to listen to an audiobook right away (which I never thought would happen). It also gave me the option to go back and forth to review the text if I wished to take any notes.

In addition, there are different collections like Be happy, healthy body, etc., that suggested books according to my moods, reading preferences, and likes.

Oh…I forgot to mention the reading/listening challenge. If you finish a 21-day personal growth challenge(read/listen for 21 days straight), Bookey donates a book to an NGO called “Books For Africa” under your name.

No other audiobook subscription has ever joined hands with an NGO to spread literacy using literacy.

It’s no wonder why Bookey is rated 4.9/5 on Apple Store and Google play!

Final thoughts

We all love to read, but it’s hard when the pressure of time and money starts mounting. The Bookey app is designed to help you with just that!

You can:

  • Finish a book in 30 minutes so you can get on to your next one
  • Donate books to an NGO
  • Save money by limiting buying paper or digital copies of books
  • Retain more insights from a book because it’s designed for speed-reading/listening purposes and more
  • Read quotes, inspiring snippets from the book whenever you want

Have you tried any other app similar to Bookey before?

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