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The Midway Meal House - Good Home Cooking
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The first time I was in the Midway area of Alpharetta, Georgia, was just after I graduated high school. I had a delivery route that went all over the north half of the state, and each day, it went in a different direction. On Tuesdays, it was north. At that point, the suburbs ended at I-285, and anything outside that was a no man's land of rural farms. The end of the line was the Midway Elementary School, where I dropped off school supplies the began the long drive home. It was dinner time by then, and I was hungry, so I couldn't wait to get back to civilization to eat.

If I had been paying attention, I might have spotted the Midway Meal House less than half a mile down on the right. I can be excused from this slight as it looked then as it looks now, a small white farmhouse on the side of the road. I don't know if the restaurant was there or not, but the house is clearly over a hundred years old.
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Fast forward to 2016, and we bought a condo about 2 miles north of there. We ate at the Midway Meal House in Alpharetta, Georgia, on our first trip to look at the neighborhood and have been regulars ever since. Even during the pandemic, we made a weekly run to the Meal House to pick up lunch to go. The same smiling faces gave us the same friendly service we had become accustomed to. Just a couple of weeks ago, they re-opened for inside dining, and we were some of the first people there.

We have eaten many more lunches there than breakfast, but that is through no fault of Midway Meal House. Their breakfasts are simple fare but delicious with all the standard egg dishes and a wide variety of meats. At least one member of your party has to try the country ham, but make sure they aren't on a low-sodium diet. I love the sausage gravy over fresh homemade biscuits, and my wife is partial to the blueberry pancakes. I have had several of their three-egg omelets, and they were fantastic.
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Lunch is what I crave at the Midway Meal House in Alpharetta, Georgia. They have an extensive menu, but it's the meat and vegetable plates that draw me in. They have daily specials for their entrees and vegetables hand-written on a card in the menu, and I always look there first. But, the challenge is to order something besides the country-fried steak. It is the best I've ever had, and that's saying a lot. The only thing that can consistently get me to order something else is when chicken-fried chicken is on the daily special. Even if I want something (slightly) lighter, I will order the country-fried steak sandwich.
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There are about two dozen sides offered, including the daily specials. I haven't tried everything on the menu, but I have never been disappointed. I will usually order my veggies from the daily specials, just for variety. The fresh fruit in season is delicious. I love their fried okra, mac and cheese, and creamed corn. I don't know where they get their tomatoes, but they are delicious year-round.

Speaking of tomatoes, one of our go-to's when we want a lighter lunch is their BLT. A pile of crisp bacon, those lovely tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce. Nothing special, but always good. These kept us going during the pandemic. Easy to carry out and still great when we got them home.
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The Midway Meal House in Alpharetta, Georgia, is only open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week but stay open for dinner Thursday through Saturday. They are located on Hwy 9, a mile and a half north of McFarland and about a mile south of Mullinax/Post Road.

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