Overcoming Laziness with a Japanese Method

Darren Jackson

Almost everyone sets themselves new goals or challenges from time to time, and almost everyone fails to attain them. End up convincing yourself that you aren’t quite prepared, that you’ll do it next week, next month… next year. To begin with, we could even be zealous about them. A bit of effort is all that’s needed to convince us to slow down and take this whole “beginning a new life” thing a little more gently. Why does it always end up this way? Why does it always end up this way? Why? Because we attempt to accomplish a lot too quickly; because we become tired of taking on additional responsibilities; and because it’s hard to break old patterns and try something new. (https://oke.io/U1nov)

Whether it’s doing press-ups or reading a book in a foreign language, in this case, the task before you won’t seem like something unpleasant which you have to get through, but will instead be an activity that brings you joy and satisfaction. In taking one little step at a time, you will move on to the path of self-perfection and achieve significant results. To overcome your lack of self-confidence, as well as the emotions of guilt and powerlessness, is essential. To continue forward, you must have a sense of victory and achievement. Such sentiments may cause you to progressively increase the time you spend on your work — perhaps starting with only five minutes more, but soon increased to thirty minutes, and then even longer. The one-minute concept allows you to observe your progress in real-time. (https://oke.io/U1nov)

Kaizen is a Japanese concept that originated in Japan. “Kai” and “zen” are the two origins of the term (wisdom). As Masaaki Imai believes, we may apply this idea to both business and personal life. People who have grown up in Western society, which emphasizes the concept that achievements can only be obtained by putting in a lot of work, may find this approach untrustworthy and useless at first look. As a result, arduous self-improvement programs that drain an individual’s vitality might tire him and leave him with no results, but Kaizen is something that everyone can undertake. (https://oke.io/U1nov)

Everything is already in place if you know what you want to achieve. (https://oke.io/U1nov)

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