Philadelphia, PA

My insatiable curiosity has taken me down every spiritual, healing, and self growth rabbit hole for the last 15 years. At this point it may be the WHOLE rabbit instead of just the HOLE of the rabbit. Regardless, just exploring was never enough for me. Just like one packet of Chic Fil A sauce is never enough for any normal human being (fight me on this one). About 5 years ago I began to coach and write about my journey and share my often sarcastic but always honest ramblings with others. Since then, I have coached hundreds of people through their life transformations, been blogging, writing articles, and self publishing on Amazon, mostly with a British accent. My specialization is self development, growth, shadow work, and radical self acceptance. Writing is my creative medium of catapulting people into finding themselves in a highly syndicated world. My book has sold thousands of copies in over 8 countries. It continues to shift other’s perspectives, inspire them find meaning in their lives, safety in their choices, and the courage to be who they are.