Opinion: Mark Ronchetti's Tough-on-Crime Ad Leaves Out An Important Detail

Daniella Cressman

Mark Ronchetti recently released an ad stating that he would be tough on the criminals, not the cops—he is fed up with the crime-ridden nature of this state, as many are.

Unfortunately, he left out a very important detail: the home invasion shown in the middle of the ad centered around a home invasion that occurred a decade ago—under a Republican governor.

"In Ronchetti’s case, CNN called him out for failing to mention that a home invasion at the center of an ad attacking incumbent Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on crime happened a decade ago under a Republican governor." —Daniel J. Chacón

Considering that this ad implies that Governor Grisham is not as tough on crime as he would be, this is a crucial detail that seemed to be intentionally overlooked by Ronchetti and his team.

"The Ronchetti ad left out critical context...The incident discussed by Ronchetti and his wife occurred in 2012 — during the tenure of Republican governor Susana Martinez, not the Lujan Grisham administration.” —CNN

While some would say the selective imagery on display along with the correct claims about Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's administration would constitute cherry-picking, Ronchetti disagrees—he never said the incident took place while she was governor, after all, though that was arguably implied.

"Nowhere in the ad does it state that this break in occurred during MLG’s administration...Moreover, every statement made about her record on crime in the ad is accurate. Instead of fact-checking the actual claims made in the ad, CNN chose to fact-check a message that wasn’t even stated. Hence, CNN is lying about Mark’s campaign and it’s why over 80 percent of the public has lost confidence in the media, according to a recent Gallup poll.” —Mark Ronchetti

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