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According to the Police, Four People Have Been Stabbed by a Man on Central Avenue

Daniella Cressman
"Three people were stabbed in Downtown Albuquerque and another person was stabbed further west on Central on Sunday afternoon in an apparent random act of violence, a police spokesman said." —Ryan Boetel

Every victim was treated at a local hospital. Unfortunately, their injuries were quite severe. Fortunately, each one of them is expected to survive.

"A male suspect was taken into custody, Gilbert Gallegos, a police spokesman, said Sunday evening. Police identified a suspect, in part, because he was wearing a distinct 'Heisenberg hat,' Gallegos said. Walter White’s character in the show 'Breaking Bad' was known to don a pork pie hat when using his Heisenberg alias. At least some of the victims were treated at a local hospital. Some of their injuries were serious, but Gallegos said they are all expected to survive. As of Sunday evening, police had not released the name of the man they took into custody. Gallegos said police started to receive reports of several stabbings in the Downtown area at about 2 p.m., though the exact locations of assaults wasn’t known." —Ryan Boetel

A woman who appeared to be homeless was stabbed in the neck.

"A woman who appeared to be homeless was sitting in a car near the train station and was stabbed in the neck...A 16-year-old boy was also seriously injured in a stabbing and police made contact with him near 5th and Central, though it’s not known where the stabbing took place. There was also a report of a stabbing near Interstate 40 and First Street. All of the incidents were reported to police in a short time frame." —Gilbert Gallegos

Later Sunday afternoon, a man was stabbed in the face.

"Later Sunday afternoon, a man was stabbed in the face outside the Golden Pride restaurant near the 5200 block of Central NW. The suspect’s distinct apparel helped police hone in on him as he moved about the city. Gallegos said it’s likely that the man took a bus from Downtown to west Central. He said investigators were reviewing footage from video cameras inside city buses." —Ryan Boetel

One of the telltale signs of the suspect was his hat.

"One of the telltale signs of the suspect ... was that he was wearing a hat on his head and they describe it as a Heisenberg hat, like Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad'...So the officers actually located a man with that hat, that’s what tipped them off. They approached this individual and located a knife on him that also fit the description of what the victims had described.” —Gilbert Gallegos

According to Gallegos, the knife used in the stabbings looked like a kitchen knife with a serrated blade. The man was taken into custody.

"The man was taken into custody near Coors and Central shortly after the fourth stabbing. It wasn’t immediately clear what charges he could face." —Ryan Boetel

Tragically, it seems like there is no rhyme or reason for this extreme violence—it appears that the victims were chosen at random.

"It seems like he was just picking victims at random...No rhyme or reason. But a lot of violence, a lot of injuries.” —Gilbert Gallegos

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