Congress Is Close to Fulfilling the 9/11 Health Fund Deficit

Daniella Cressman
"It appears Congress might answer the call of ill 9/11 responders before they face a crisis. The looming issue 21 years after the terrorist attacks of 2001 is the fact that the World Trade Center Health Program is running a projected $3 billion deficit in its efforts to treat and monitor 9/11 responders and survivors — a gap that could start affecting services late next year." —Michael McAuliff

In the past, Congress has ignored similar deadlines.

"In the past, Congress ignored similar deadlines, such as forcing the 9/11 Victim Compensation program to slash payouts in 2019 before eventually restoring them and making compensation permanent. But Congress only did that after dying 9/11 responders like former NYPD Detective Louis Alvarez made treks to Washington, spending some of their final days alive pleading the case." —Michael McAuliff

Now, it looks like Congress might actually act.

"Now it looks as if Congress may act, with sources telling the Daily News that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York will announce a solution Sunday, on the anniversary." —Michael McAuliff

It seems most likely that Senator Chuck Schumer will include the money in the full-year government funding bill, which probably won't pass until this December.

"Schumer has said in the past he would attach the money to a must-pass piece of legislation such as stop-gap funding to keep the government open that must pass by the end of September, or to the annual defense bill. Sources told The News the most likely option now is including the money in the full-year government funding bill, which probably won’t pass until December." —Michael McAuliff

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