Alec Baldwin's Cellphone Records Are Expected to Be Transferred This Week

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"Actor Alec Baldwin’s cellphone records tied to last year’s fatal shooting at Bonanza Creek Ranch are expected to be transferred to New Mexico this week, an attorney said, a move that would allow the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office to complete its investigation." —Nathan Lederman

During the filming of the Rust production, it appears that the appropriate safety precautions were not taken to protect those working on this low-budget movie.

Tragically, when Baldwin pointed a prop revolver at Halyna Hutchins and—it seems—pulled the trigger during an October 21 rehearsal, he killed her and severely injured director Joel Souza.

"Authorities have said Baldwin, the star and a producer of the ill-fated Rust film production, pointed a prop revolver at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during an Oct. 21 rehearsal in a church building at the movie ranch south of Santa Fe. The firearm discharged a live bullet, killing 42-year-old Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza. Much of the nearly 10-month investigation into the shooting has focused on how live ammunition ended up on the film set — and in Baldwin’s gun." —Nathan Lederman

Juan Ríos—a spokesman for the sheriff's office—said he currently has no new information about who brought live ammunition to the set.

"Rios said he had no new information about who brought live ammunition onto the set." —Nathan Lederman

The sheriff's office has been waiting for Baldwin's cellphone records and key reports from the FBI and the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator to complete its criminal investigation and decide whether charges are in order for the actor.

"The sheriff’s office also had been waiting for the actor’s cellphone records and key reports from the FBI and the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator to complete its criminal investigation." —Nathan Lederman

The death has been classified as accidental.

"In a news release Thursday, the agency said it finally received several key FBI reports in early August and sent them to the Office of the Medical Investigator for completion of an examination into the cause and manner of Hutchins’ death. The OMI report, publicly released this week, said the death has been classified as accidental." —Nathan Lederman

Baldwin's cellphone records will be transferred to New Mexico authorities this week.

"Luke Nikas, one of Baldwin’s attorneys, wrote in an email Tuesday the actor’s legal team turned over his phone records to Suffolk County police eight months ago and approved the review protocol for them about six months ago. He added he was told Suffolk County police have been processing the records and will transfer them to New Mexico authorities this week." —Nathan Lederman

Luke Nikas—one of Baldwin's attorneys—has stated that this shooting was a tragic accident and that the actor should not face criminal charges.

"Nikas said in a statement to the Associated Press the OMI findings were further proof the shooting was 'a tragic accident' and that Baldwin should not face criminal charges." —Nathan Lederman

It appears that Baldwin did not have the intent to kill.

“'Based on all available information, including the absence of obvious intent to cause harm or death, the manner of death is best classified as [an] accident,' the OMI report said. The report noted the bullet entered through Hutchins’ chest and exited through her mid-back. Authorities have said the bullet was removed from Souza’s shoulder." —Nathan Lederman

The FBI's findings indicate that the gun would not have fired if Baldwin had not pulled the trigger, yet the actor has stated publicly that he did not do this. It appears that Baldwin pointed the gun at Halyna Hutchins at her request.

"Along with the medical investigator’s findings, the sheriff’s office released five FBI reports detailing tests the bureau performed on more than 40 items of evidence found at the ranch. These tests included analyses of bullet casings, cartridges, DNA tests and assessments of the revolver. The FBI’s findings indicate the revolver was fully functional and unlikely to discharge without the trigger being pulled. Baldwin has said publicly he did not pull the trigger when he pointed it at Hutchins, which he did at her request." —Nathan Lederman

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