Opinion: The Revelations of the Mar-a-Lago Search Could Affect Trump's 2024 Run

Daniella Cressman

It is highly likely that Donald Trump will run for president in 2024, terrifying many and exciting others, but new revelations have come to light thanks to a search on his Mar-a-Lago residence: 11 sets of classified documents were found.

Naturally, these findings could affect the man's reputation and political base if he chooses to run in 2024.

"Revelations that authorities seized classified material from Donald Trump are poised to shift the political ground ahead of U.S. midterm elections and a potential 2024 run by the former president. Although the fallout from a remarkable week is just beginning, the search at Trump’s resort in Florida is certain to seep into the November races that will determine party control of Congress, and it promises to keep a focus on Trump rather than inflation and other issues Republicans want to use against Democrats. It’s also likely to affect the next presidential election." —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

First of all, it seems quite possible that Mr. Trump has committed at least one federal crime by holding onto to these classified documents.

"Court documents unsealed by a judge Friday showed investigators removed classified and top secret materials from Mara-a-Lago on Monday and were searching for evidence of violations of three specific federal criminal laws, including one that’s part of the Espionage Act." —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

Unsurprisingly, the former President has—once again—taken no responsibility for his actions: he claims these documents have been declassified, which is simply untrue.

"While Trump said he had declassified the documents and the search was an unnecessary move by his political enemies to attack him, the escalating turmoil is poised to become an issue in midterms, which Republicans have been trying to make a referendum on President Joe Biden and rising prices to regain control of the House and Senate." —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

A lot of republicans have gotten themselves riled up over the search and suddenly changed their tune when it came to defunding the FBI, even though investigators intended to keep the search largely anonymous, which clearly did not go as planned.

Nonetheless, their motivation was actually to avoid its politicization. Of course, Mr. Trump has gathered his followers into an outraged frenzy, acting as though he was the victim of an attack...

"Trump and his supporters in the GOP — including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other potential challengers for the GOP nomination in 2024 if the former president runs again — have called the raid politically motivated. They’ve sought to portray the former president as the victim of Democratic forces bent on preventing him from returning to power as in 'banana republics.'" —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

Arguably, this search was justified given that Trump repeatedly ignored requests to stop holding onto to these highly important documents.

The outpouring of support for the former President appears to be extremely misguided, especially when one considers the very real possibility that Trump could be facing charges for his actions.

"The initial support is evidence of Trump’s grip on the GOP, though some political strategists said Republicans might come to regret it if evidence surfaces showing that the search of a former president’s home was clearly justified — especially if Trump ultimately faces charges." —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)


Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, this situation is deeply troubling: many republicans are hesitating to continue their support for Mr. Trump out of fear for the stability of American democracy it seems, even if they do agree with the vast majority of the man's policies—he is, arguably, a danger to society.

"There were signs some in the GOP could start to back away from Trump, including the conservative House Freedom Caucus canceling a press conference to criticize the search on Friday for scheduling reasons. That followed a Washington Post report on Thursday that one category of documents the FBI was looking for related to nuclear weapons." —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

Trump, apparently disillusioned about the reality of situation, decided to continue insisting that these documents have been declassified, which is inaccurate.

"Trump continued to insist after the revelations that the search was politically motivated and there could be no crimes because he had declassified the records. He also said there was no need for a 'raid' because he was cooperating with investigators. 'They didn’t need to ‘seize’ anything,' Trump said in a post on his Truth Social platform on Friday. 'They could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago.'" —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

Trump does not have the power to declassify these documents on his own, further illustrating the extent of his lies.

"Former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade said Trump doesn’t have the power to declassify documents on his own. A president can request or initiate a declassification, she said, but the original classifying agency 'must undergo a process to complete the declassification.'" —Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)

As per usual, Trump has redirected the narrative to someone who he disagrees with politically and accused the federal prosecutors of planting evidence—this is inaccurate.

"Trump also floated the baseless suggestion that federal prosecutors could have planted evidence, and he questioned the '33 million pages of documents that President Obama took to Chicago.'"

For those who are curious, the situations were completely different, and it appears that Trump is simply trying to redirect the focus away from himself.

"It's true that Obama White House records made their way to Chicago at the end of his second term. But the process of transferring the documents was done in cooperation with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which legally owns those records under the Presidential Records Act." —Aaron Parsley

Mr. Trump is a threat to American democracy and, should he decide to run, the American people deserve to know just how much he is capable of—Admittedly, he is a master at marketing, but it certainly seems as though he does not have the public's interest in mind; he is only focused on personal gain.

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