Master the Art of Public Speaking!

Daniella Cressman

Public speaking can be immensely difficult, especially if you are rather shy in crowds, but it's an excellent skill to master, especially for folks who want to market their business or share touching stories with an audience—You never know when you might get asked to do a TED Talk!


This is perhaps the most crucial piece of advice: You'll want to know your audience and understand what their goals are. For instance, your tone speaking to millennials who are entrepreneurial will likely be quite different than it would be if you were speaking to retirees. You'll want to familiarize yourself with your audience as much as you possibly can so that you can serve their needs effectively.


There are a lot of great public speakers out there, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey among them. After all, the best way to master a skill is to learn from the experts!


In this day and age, it can difficult to maintain the attention of a crowd, but varying your pitch will likely help: You'll probably want to watch a few people doing stage whispers online—Delivering a speech is akin to singing a song, and the dynamics are just as essential to each performance.


Have you ever seen someone standing up straight, holding their hands tightly by their sides? In short, this looks awkward and uncomfortable: It makes it way too easy for the audience to fog over as you're talking.

If you look at the great public speakers out there, each one gestures appropriately as they are enunciating each word. For instance, take a look at what Ellen DeGeneres is doing with her hands during her monologue.

Public speaking is an excellent skill to have: It could potentially lead to another stream of income or more business opportunities. If nothing else, mastering this this art will help you inspire people to live their best lives.

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