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Opinion: Mark Ronchetti Is Walking a Fine Line on the Abortion Issue

Daniella Cressman

Mark Ronchetti is running for governor this November, much to the chagrin of man pro-choice voters. At first glance, it seemed that the man's stance on abortion was surprisingly moderate compared to many republicans': he stated that he would support abortions up to fifteen weeks, in cases involving rape or incest, and in instances where the procedure had to be performed to save the mother's life.

I would like to point out that, although this is an issue that significantly impacts women across the board, there are others in the LGBTQ+ community who might want or need an abortion, and Ronchetti has not used the term "parent."

Additionally, a pastor has just pointed out that he believes Ronchetti's long-term goal is to end abortion access completely in the state of New Mexico—He spoke with the man about the issue in-depth.

"Ronchetti clearly is walking a fine line. He wants the Republican base to show up in November, but cannot afford to alienate other voters — pro-choice voters — who might otherwise consider the GOP candidate for a host of reasons. Those voters may be angry at Lujan Grisham over pandemic restrictions, gas prices or violent crime, but also strongly support the rights of women to make their own health care decisions." —The Santa Fe New Mexican (Our View)

As per usual, a politician seems more concerned with appealing to his base than he is with the actual issue at stake: whether you trust the pastor or the politician, the guy seems to have mixed motives and be willing to compromise on his values if doing so means he'll become governor.

Understandably, quite a few women are voting solely based on the right to choose, whether they agree or disagree with other policies put forth by a specific candidate, so this speculation could certainly hurt Ronchetti's chances in November.

"For many women, voting for candidates who favor reproductive choice is becoming a defining issue. They may not vote for an anti-choice candidate no matter what else they like about a platform or person. And if those voters believe Ronchetti wants to end abortion in New Mexico, his battle to upset a sitting governor has become that much harder...." —The Santa Fe New Mexican (Our View)

I will say that Governor Grisham has been steadfast and consistent when it comes to providing safe, accessible, and legal abortion care for the residents of New Mexico.

"...The governor and the Legislature came together in 2021 to strike a 1969 statute that made abortion a crime in New Mexico. They realized Roe’s protections were at risk and acted. The governor also issued an executive order last month designed to protect patients and providers from lawsuits and arrest warrants issued in states with more restrictive abortion laws." —The Santa Fe New Mexican (Our View)

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