Opinion: Mark Ronchetti's Long-term Goal Is to End Abortion in the State of New Mexico

Daniella Cressman

It has already been clear that Mark Ronchetti wants a 15-week ban on abortions in the state of New Mexico but does believe there should be exceptions in cases of rape and incest. He also supports abortions when they are performed to save the parents' lives.

He is adamantly pro-life, but his proposed restrictions, up to this point, have actually been a lot more moderate than those of many Republicans'.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is largely because having a less extreme stance will likely bode better for him politically, even though it appears that his long-term goal is to ban abortion altogether.

"...Ronchetti’s longer-term goal, according to the pastor of an influential mega church, would be to end abortion in the state, not just after 15 weeks of pregnancy — remarks that have roiled the governor’s race and been seized on by supporters of Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham as abortion emerges as a defining issue of the campaign." —Dan McKay

Right now, Ronchetti thinks he'll probably have an easier time getting elected with his falsely moderate abortion stance...

Honestly, I'd have more respect for the guy if he just outright said he wants to ban abortion, even though I completely disagree with that. It always worries me when a politician on either side of the aisle selectively moderates his policy ideas for his own benefit, and I think he would likely do the same thing if he was governor.

A deep concern among many is that late-term abortions are so tragically common here in New Mexico. To be honest, I wish they weren't. I wish fewer families and individuals had to go through that, and I wish fewer people had pregnancy issues and health issues that required that sort of care to save their own lives.

Unfortunately, we live in a state that struggles with poverty in many areas, and a lot of women are single mothers thanks to parents who have decided to leave their own families behind for one reason or another—10% of parents in New Mexico are actually in prison!—so there are other issues that need to be solved and, although I agree that late-term abortion is a horribly painful procedure, I do think it needs to continue to be available for health and safety reasons.

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