Opinion: New York Democrats Plan to Pass More Stringent Gun Laws in Response to the Supreme Court's Ruling

Daniella Cressman

Many Democrats in the state of New York—and across the country—were deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court's recent decision to expand gun rights, fearing that it could lead to looser restrictions in other states as well.

This is a particularly contentious issue in our country right now, due to the devastating number of mass shootings that have occurred this year alone.

In response, New York Democrats have acted swiftly, and are planning to pass more stringent gun laws in their state.

"The gun bill adds new requirements for New Yorkers to receive a concealed carry permit, including 16 hours of training on how to handle a handgun, two hours of firing range training, an in-person interview and a written exam, as well as a review of social media accounts." —Luis Ferré-Sadurní and Grace Ashford

The Supreme Court ruled, in short, that civilians have the right to "bear arms" in public places...

This gun bill would prevent people from having firearms on their person in certain areas.

"Legislative leaders and the governor appeared to have reached an agreement on a list of locations where guns would be banned: health care facilities; houses of worship; colleges and universities; places where children gather, such as schools, day care centers, playgrounds, parks and zoos; public transportation; places where alcohol or cannabis is consumed; and theaters, concerts, casinos and other entertainment venues. Lawmakers also moved to ban weapons at protests or places where people have congregated to express their rights to free speech. Carrying a weapon in a prohibited area would amount to a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. But the legislation would not apply to properly licensed security guards at work, former military members or retired law enforcements officials." —Luis Ferré-Sadurní and Grace Ashford

This legislation is expected to pass through the State Senate swiftly, given that Democrats hold the majority, but many Republicans are adamantly opposed to it nonetheless.

Many conservatives are concerned that gun-free zones are less safe, even though the statistics prove otherwise and the vast majority of gun owners do not actually use these weapons for self-defense.

Tragically, people killing themselves with these weapons is disturbingly widespread.

Representative Lee Zeldin, nonetheless, is clinging to the notion that guns are mostly used for self-defense, despite numerous statistics indicating that this is simply not the case.

"If you’re going to identify a location, and you’re going to tell the criminal that at that location there will be no law-abiding New Yorkers who will be safely and securely carrying a firearm in their defense, you are putting the safety of other people at that location at risk." —Represenatitive Lee Zeldin

He is the Republican nominee for governor in the state of New York.

The current governor of New York acknowledged that this legislation would prevent guns from most public places, thankfully.

"The governor acknowledged on Wednesday that the legislation would nonetheless prevent guns from most public places." —Governor Kathy Hochul

Hopefully, this will make enough of a difference for innocent civilians to stop being killed in droves in this country.

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