Opinion: Lujan Grisham Just Issued an Order Aimed at Protecting Abortion Access in New Mexico

Daniella Cressman

On Friday, June 24, 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned. Now it's up to each state to decide whether abortion is legal or not.


In some states, people are being and jailed and being fined around $100,000 if they choose to go through with this procedure.

Just three days after the Supreme Court made this decision, Governor Grisham signed an executive order protecting healthcare providers and abortion patients in the state of New Mexico.

"Today I have taken executive action safeguarding abortion access and protecting health care providers in New Mexico. As long as I am governor, abortion will continue to be legal, safe, and accessible in New Mexico." —Governor Grisham

This comes as thousands have traveled to New Mexico seeking abortion services after the Supreme Court's decision.

"Three days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a landmark abortion ruling, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Monday signed an executive order aimed at protecting abortion patients and providers in New Mexico. The executive order, which drew Republican criticism and could be repealed by a future governor, comes as New Mexico is bracing for an influx of patients from neighboring states that have banned abortion." —Dan Boyd

Approximately 1700 people have traveled to New Mexico from Texas since the Supreme Court's decision.

"...Roughly 1,700 patients from Texas have traveled to New Mexico for abortion services since a law restricting abortion was enacted in that state in September 2021, according to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains." —Dan Boyd

Specifically, this executive order is meant to shield those performing care from lawsuits that could possibly lead to them losing their licenses. It also protects women—and others—seeking abortion services from being convicted of a crime and arrested for doing so.

"Specifically, it seeks to shield health care professionals targeted by lawsuits from losing their licenses or being disciplined for providing abortion services, while also asserting the state will not comply with abortion-related arrest warrants or extradition requests from other states." —Dan Boyd

I personally was once pro-life and I would never get an abortion. I believe, if a person does go this route, the procedure should be performed as soon as possible—before 15 weeks—to minimize suffering. That being said, I also strongly believe that anyone who chooses to go a different route deserves better options, including higher-quality adoption agencies, better parental leave policies, and more affordable childcare services.

Nonetheless, the choice should be up to one person and one person alone: the individual who is pregnant.

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