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Opinion: The New Body Armor Rules in New York Don't Include the One Worn by the Buffalo Mass Shooter

Daniella Cressman

The gunman who killed civilians during the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York was wearing body armor.

Soon after the attack occurred, state lawmakers created a new law banning the sales of bullet-resistant vests.


The problem is that the type of armor the shooter— suspected to be Payton Gendron— was wearing is not banned in this new law.

"New York’s new law barring sales of bullet-resistant vests to most civilians doesn’t cover the type of armor worn by the gunman who killed 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket, a gap that could limit its effectiveness in deterring future military-style assaults." —Maysoon Khan

A security guard who attempted to kill Payton Gendron during the incident in order to protect civilians could not because the man was wearing a very specific type of body armor.

"During the May 14 attack, Payton Gendron wore a steel-plated vest, an armor strong enough to stop a handgun round fired by a store security guard who tried to halt Gendron’s rampage." —Maysoon Khan

Honestly, this doesn't make much sense to me: if the whole point is to stop criminals, wouldn't it be most effective to ban the type of armor the shooter was wearing?!

Additionally, a lot of civilians simply purchase bullet-proof vests and the like out of fear.

Now, retailers are confused while a lot of community members are concerned that they can't purchase the body armor that would actually make the most significant difference.

“I know you said soft vests, but what about hard armor plates, plate carriers, or armors that aren’t vested, but clothing that provide protection. Is that also prohibited? It is so vague..." —Brad Pedell (Owner of the 221B Tactical store located in New York City)

Additionally, this new law is affecting his business because he tends to sell more hard-plated armor than the soft type which has now been banned.

Pedell has made the argument that plenty of his customers purchase these items for their own protection.

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