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Opinion: The National Average Gas Price Is Now Over $4.59 per Gallon

Daniella Cressman

Gas prices were already high after the pandemic. Now, they have skyrocketed thanks to the Ukraine-Russia War! Amidst the highest inflation rate we've seen in decades, this seems to be a recipe for disaster.

It now basically costs a fortune to fill up our tanks of gas as we grapple with two realities at once: The profitability and short-term gratification of the oil industry versus the increasingly damaging effects of climate change. Many simply cannot afford to purchase electric vehicles right now, even if they might want to.

"The Santa Fe average gas price was up 7 cents for the week, but Texas, a state with perennially cheap gas, saw its prices soar 19 cents to reach $4.29 per gallon — just 2 cents lower than Santa Fe and 4 cents lower than the New Mexico average of $4.33." —Teya Vitu

For the first time, AAA found no state with an average gas price below $4 per gallon.

AAA for the first time found no state with a statewide average below $4 per gallon. The cheapest states, Oklahoma and Kansas, had statewide averages at $4.03 and $4.04 per gallon, AAA reported. —Teya Vitu

In short, now is probably not the best time to take road trips, and it could be smarter financially to explore alternative methods of transportation.

Environmentally, we are already in dire straits, so it's probably best to cut back on driving anyways. That being said, a lot of people are forced to commute to and from work whether they like it or not.

Saving as much money as possible on gasoline right now—for environmental and financial reasons—is probably in your best interest.

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