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Opinion: APD Officer Johnny Garcia Now on Suspension after Being Arrested for Rape

Daniella Cressman

Imagine innocently going about your business, only to be lured into a closet and forced to perform oral sex on a man whose job is to protect people.

That's what (allegedly) happened to one woman when Johnny Garcia sexually assaulted her.

An Albuquerque police officer is on suspension after he was arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a woman while on duty at the Sunport. Investigators say APD officer Johnny Garcia raped a female employee at the Sunport after luring her into a closet. —Arian Kraft

As many abusers do, Johnny Garcia tried to save face, but the narrative is not in his favor.

Garcia, seen getting an award from the city last summer for helping a woman with car trouble, claims the worker led him to the closet and everything was consensual. —Ariana Kraft

This seems highly unlikely: It takes a lot of courage for domestic abusers to come forward, and it seems dismissive to simply assume she's making it up—If she had no ill will towards Johnny Garcia, I would not understand why she would ever do that, yet I can, unfortunately, see why a man would rape a woman because he wants to feel powerful: The desire for control can bring out the most disgusting parts of our humanity.

The truth is that perpetrators act out because they cannot control themselves: They are the powerless party in these situations.

Unfortunately, it seems that Johnny Garcia was so set on saving his reputation that he actually called and texted other Sunport workers, probably in an effort to discredit this woman: Someone who had almost certainly been through a great deal of trauma already.

Despite all of this, Garcia spent no less than a day in jail and has already been released. As of yesterday, he was suspended without pay.

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