Sandia Workers Raise $100k for Fire Aid

Daniella Cressman

The fires have been devastating.

A lot of people have lost their homes, and, in some cases, they have even been forced to part with their way of life.

New Mexico’s fire season has gotten off to a destructive start. The Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire complex in northern New Mexico has become the biggest fire in the country currently and the largest in state history, the McBride Fire in Ruidoso caused two deaths and destroyed more than 200 homes and the Cerro Pelado Fire near Jemez Springs has at times threatened Los Alamos National Laboratory. —Ryan Boetel

Thankfully, Sandia workers understand the severity of the situation and they have come together to raise no less than $100,000 which will aid affected communities.

"A campaign that launched May 9 raised $75,000 from Sandia employees in a few hours. And National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, a subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc., that manages and operates the labs, chipped in another $25,000." —Ryan Boetel

Despite already experiencing extraordinary success as a result of their efforts, Sandia workers say this is only the beginning: The money is for all of the fires, and, if they raise more than they need currently, they will simply use the extra cash to help communities during the rest of the fire season.

It is heartening to see people come together like this during such a difficult time. It shows the best part of humanity, reminding us all that helping others is a deeply meaningful act for everyone involved.

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