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Opinion: Stricter Gun Control Laws Are Devastatingly Necessary

Daniella Cressman


The shooting in Buffalo, New York was yet another tragic example of why guns should not be so conveniently accessible, yet it's hard to change the narrative around firearms in a country that associates such weapons with freedom.

Well, at least some of the population does: So many people view guns as the ultimate symbol of American liberty, and a lot of folks are outraged about even minor regulations to very loose laws that have resulted in a saddening number of deaths.

Furthermore, guns have long been used as a tool to overpower and silence minorities.

They have also been used to kill young children.

While some claim that they need guns to protect themselves due to possible danger, this honestly does not seem necessary, especially when you consider how many individuals commit suicide on a regular basis, in part due to these weapons being too easily in reach.

I mean, I know some people like to hunt but, honestly, it seems like the cost far outweighs the benefit: Mass shootings are far too common, as was illustrated by the one that recently occurred in Buffalo, New York.

Unfortunately, this shooting was the "work" of a white supremacist who is (allegedly) the author of a hateful creed that was circulated online.

He planned to target the black community in New York.

A white, 18-year-old gunman allegedly carried out a racist attack at a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., on Saturday, killing 10 people and injuring three others, according to authorities. Almost all of the victims were Black. The suspect, who livestreamed the mass shooting, is believed to be the author of a screed posted online detailing his white supremacist ideologies and his plan to target a Black community in New York. —Emma Bowman

I don't think most people would intentionally sell a gun to a white supremacist, but the trouble is that, sometimes, it's really hard to understand a person's motivations during one transaction, especially if they are accustomed to keeping their shameful secrets under wraps.

The gun control laws need to be stricter. Period.

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