Opinion: A New Horror-Themed Restaurant Just Opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

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Horror fans are in for a real treat: This simultaneously delicious and creepy diner is the brainchild of Cameron Markham and his wife Elizabeth Blankstein.

Its walls are aptly painted black and its tables are splattered with red paint mimicking blood.

This is both a homage to their favorite slasher films and the name of the place: Blood Sausage.

"The menu serves three different types of blood sausages made in-house and inspired by German, United Kingdom and Taiwanese recipes." —Pilar Martinez

Unsurprisingly, Cameron Markham and Elizabeth Blankstein are exceptionally adventurous diners with a soft spot for the macabre, so you can expect some wackiness when you stop by!

They do offer alcohol, in case you've had a long day or are simply overwhelmed by the heat that plagues Albuquerque during this time of year.

They also provide some lovely options for those who enjoy the ambiance of a horror restaurant but prefer more familiar cuisine:

  • A chicken sandwich
  • A pork burger
  • Chilled noodles
  • Grilled cheese
  • Several types of fries!

If you're into wine and you are up for something a little bit different, they also have quite an adventurous menu available!

"The restaurant also serves beer and an “exceptionally nerdy” wine list," —Cameron Markham

Elizabeth Blankstein is of Taiwanese descent, so the couple felt inspired by various types of blood sausages.

Markham said his interest in blood sausages stems from he and Blankstein’s proclivity to test out more adventurous items on menus while dining out and Blankstein’s Tawainese origin since a version of blood sausage is often found in Taiwan.—Cameron Markham

All in all, this sounds like an appropriately macabre and welcoming place for horror fanatics!

I will have to drop by.

Blood Sausage is open from 5 p.m.-11 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays. It is located at 138 Harvard SE.

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