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Exercising When You Don’t Feel Like It

Daniella Cressman
Bruno Nascimento

If you are a creative such as myself, you may resent exercise.

Of course, I know this isn’t always the case — many sports journalists are consistently active because they love to be and some authors are actually former athletes — but still.

It can be hard to actually get up out of bed and find the willpower to exercise when you don’t feel like it.

Additionally, if you’re swamped with work, there are times when money might simply come before your physical health, so you can actually pay for workout equipment and a gym membership…

It sucks, but that’s life.

Anyway, there are so many ways you can incorporate aerobic activity into your day without even realizing you’re doing it, and the time investment is actually quite minimal.

Now, you do actually have to plan strength-building activities if you want to achieve those results, but aerobic exercise is a totally different story.

Okay so, admittedly, some of these are more intentional than others, but they are all equally effective if you manage to do them for thirty-minute sessions three days per week!


Walking the dog can provide you with a much-needed respite from your busy life, provided you actually have a furry friend to spend your time with, of course.

If you wake up early and go to your local park or meander down the dirt road, this does actually count as exercise, and you don’t have to bother with extravagant workout gear or expensive trips to the gym!


I am a fan of this little trick myself: I drive a lot because my commute is about twenty minutes to my cashiering job if one includes traffic, and I love to write in a very specific neighborhood here in Albuquerque, which is about fifteen minutes away from my apartment, or twenty to twenty-five — more realistically — if one includes the often inevitable red lights and traffic.

Whenever I find myself having to park, I naturally try to search for a space that is relatively easy to wiggle my way out of when I have finished my work.

Of course, I tend to look for anything free, so these parking spaces are often already rather far from my desired location.

To make an inordinately long story short, it helps to park a bit further away from your office, the grocery store, etcetera because you get a bit more exercise if you walk for longer.

There are times I have actually managed to avoid gaining a few pounds when I was indulging in my favorite pastries frequently, in fact.

It helps more than you might realize!



This one only works if you’re not a spendthrift like myself, but it is a lot of fun to gaze at everything in the shops.

Of course, if you are rolling in the dough, I suppose the potential of purchasing your favorite items poses far less of a risk.


If you live close to your office, this is a great strategy. Plus, it helps the environment, and you’ll save loads of cash on gas!

If you can walk to work, why not try it?

Yes, you can get a bit sweaty at times, but carrying deodorant with you, applying your favorite scent before you leave, and heading out early to avoid the need to run swiftly to the front door should alleviate such an occurrence.


I mean, it’s nothing major, but picking up the pace a bit sometimes can help your heart beat faster, which can lead to some much-needed aerobic activity.

This can really help, especially if you’re already in a rush!


Okay. I know.

This one is definitely very intentional, but hear me out.

If you are in a location where you are very close to your office and you don’t like to drive, why not bicycle to work?

It’s fun, it helps the environment, and it decreases gasoline costs!


I know…

This one does require at least a minimal amount of effort, but if you are a fan of music you could attend your favorite live concert or even dance to the radio in your living room.

You might also want to sign up for a local Zumba class!

I am willing to bet you will have a lot more fun doing this than you would counting the seconds as you’re running on that treadmill, and you’re still getting your exercise in!


I don’t personally have any pets — Honestly I’m so obsessed with earning a living from my art that it’s a struggle for me to nurture house plants at the moment! — but you might.

Playing fetch with Fido or teasing your lovely cat with a few toys can lead to loads of fun and, depending on how enthusiastic they are, it can also be a bit of a workout!


Gardening is wonderful.

It’s a way to disconnect from the intensity of the digital, fast-paced world we live in and connect with the earth.

It can also be great if you are trying to save money and want to learn how to grow your own food!

Plus, you’ll likely be moving around quite a bit as you set everything up and water your plants so this activity does, indeed, count as exercise!


You don’t have to be majorly into health and fitness to make a bit of time each day for a walk or two.

Exercising is great for your body and your mind, so it can help you come up with ideas for work and boost your mood in the process!

You can still find the time to move your body, even if you’re really busy, and the prospect of going on a jog after putting on those workout clothes feels too arduous.

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