It's Essential to Have Multiple Streams of Income

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Earning a living in this world is hard, for anyone.

It’s especially challenging for creatives: The obstacle of making enough to simply cover your rent and groceries seems insurmountable at times, but, at the end of the day, it’s essential to have multiple streams of income, especially if you’re a self-employed freelancer.

That being said, it’s also really important for anyone who wants to increase their income over the years!

Today, I will be sharing each of my income streams with you.

I’m earning $1800 per month at the moment, and I’m proud to announce that $800 of that is coming from my writing!!


I actually really enjoy my cashiering job, although I do want to increase my earnings from writing so that I can earn a living from my art and relocate eventually.

That being said, it’s so nice to simply clock in, put in my time, and clock out.

Plus, I work for Lowe’s, and they treat their employees quite well. I’m also thrilled with the the hourly pay of $13.73!

I only work here part-time three days per week, and I bring in at around $1000 per month, sometimes more, depending on my schedule!


I ghostwrite articles as an independent contractor through Verblio. I can choose to pen whatever types of content I want to for clients, and the businesses can then purchase or decline my work.

I really like this job, but it does require a bit of research and time to craft pieces in someone else’s voice.

I’m currently earning $400 per month from this gig.


I love It’s a haven for me as a creative, and I have total freedom as to what to write!

I bring in $50–100 per month from this income source.


As far as money goes, NewsBreak is fantastic! It looks like I am going to be bringing in $309 this month, and my account was monetized at the very beginning of this year!!


Okay, so I earned about $0.01 from my very minimal investment in the S&P 500, but everything counts, right?!


I earned around $35 from this platform. I wouldn’t recommend it as a substantial source of income, but it’s still a fun place to read and share your writing with fellow creatives!


I earned a few hundred dollars from surveys I took earlier this year. They took about four hours to complete.

I’m not really certain it was worth it — I could have been writing — but it honestly helped me have some extra cash when I was scraping by financially earlier this year!


I earn about $30 per year.

It’s not a ton, but it can be a way to earn a little extra pocket money with minimal effort!


I have earned a whopping $1.98 from this platform so far, but I do think it has promise, especially if you are looking to monetize your fiction and narrative non-fiction.

10. eBooks

I have a set a goal for myself of writing one eBook per month. I have actually just completed a free PDF for all of my subscribers, and I’ve written two eBooks in the past two months.

I earn around $20 per year from these endeavors, but that just feels like a bonus to me: I really love writing!

I also enjoy the KDP program for its convenience, even though I have mixed feelings towards Amazon’s corrupt business practices…


I have published one erotic romance novel through Atmosphere Press under the pen name Isabelle Dickinson, and I have self-published a less explicit one under my own name.

The former has been more successful and is currently bringing in around $100 per year.

The latter has brought in around $20 so far, but I am still very grateful to the reader!


The wins with this one are far and few between, but I did earn $100 and get my article in a magazine when I was a senior in college in 2019, and I still freelance for magazines occasionally.

Right now, I have actually published quite a few poems and one short story in various anthologies and a literary journal.

I do this because I love seeing my work in print and it lights my writerly soul on fire!

In my eyes, seeing my articles, stories, and poems in a magazine is priceless.

That being said, I have only actually been paid for my work once.

Would I recommend this as a viable source of predictable income? Probably not.

That being said, it can be a fun way to get more eyeballs on your work and explore your creativity!


I think it’s essential for everyone to have multiple sources of income, because you never know when one might suddenly slow down out of nowhere.

Right now, my income isn’t particularly notable, but I am proud that so much of it is coming from my art!

I also think it’s extremely important for us creatives to educate ourselves when it comes to the world of finance, so that we can learn how to live our dreams on our own terms while also practicing a dose of pragmatism!

Thanks for reading and happy writing!


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