Finding the Value in Discomfort

Daniella Cressman
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It can be extremely challenging tackling tasks we are extremely uncomfortable with. Maybe you’d like to be a musician, but you’ve never picked up an instrument in your life, or you yearn to be an accountant and take home a great salary but you have trouble mastering the concepts. Whatever the case may be, it is important to get out of your comfort zone so that you can realize your full potential.


Failure is better than regret every day of the week. If you never follow your dreams to be a Hollywood actress, a musician, a writer, or even a top-notch accountant, you’ll never know what might have been.

It’s scary and it’s extremely risky at times, but, nonetheless, following your dreams is super important. What if you discover that you’re truly gifted and amass a great fortune from following your passion?


It’s really tough to be in a culture you’re unfamiliar with, whether that’s Hollywood, Bollywood, or Paris, but, if you never broaden your horizons, you won’t be able to benefit from the many joys of being exposed to other cultures. When you have the courage to travel to India, France, New York City, or Hollywood, you’ll be exposed to eccentric people and, often, to an entirely new culture. This often helps folks become more open-minded and learn to be more accepting of other people. If you are struggling to build your reputation, implementing feedback will help you learn more about the field you want to become an expert in and broaden your horizons in that way.


As they say in the fitness community, it is difficult to make progress without pain. This is especially apparent when you’re working out hard to gain muscle, but it’s also incredibly true for many goals in life, whether you are saving your money, chasing down your dreams, or meeting your fitness goals.

If you want to save money, you’ll likely have to put a lot of money aside, which will mean that you can’t indulge in certain expenses. It might be uncomfortable to cut back on massages, haircuts, or annual vacations, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

If you’re chasing down your dreams, you’ll probably suffer from a lot of rejection, especially when you’re just starting out and you don’t have very much experience in the field. But, if you manage to make them come true, the life you’ve always wanted awaits you.

When you’re getting fit, you’ll probably be sore more often than not as your muscles are developing, but, if you stay the course, you will be in the best shape of your life. Whatever the case may be, temporary discomfort often leads to a luxurious, freeing, and beautiful lifestyle.


There are many instances in which temporary discomfort can lead to phenomenal rewards. Some are more subtle than others: It might be uncomfortable to divorce or separate from your current partner, but that could help you become available when the love of your life comes knocking on your door.


When you have to go through an uncomfortable situation, you usually become more resilient during the process. If everything is always easy, it is often quite difficult to cope with any kind of adversity.

Discomfort makes you stronger. You’ll be able to deal with the challenges of life more easily if you have to be uncomfortable now and then when you’re working towards your goals.


It might be awkward or embarrassing when someone gives you feedback on a project or tells you’re not saving your money efficiently, but they are usually just trying to give you the advice you’ll need to succeed. When you make these adjustments, you’ll get better at completing projects promptly and thoroughly, and, if you adjust your form and stay consistent while you’re working out, you’ll probably notice results sooner than later. When we are uncomfortable, it means we are pushing ourselves beyond our perceived limits, and there is great value in that.


When you deal with rejection or criticism, it can be easy to huddle up in a little ball at not want to talk to anyone ever again. But, if you are following your dreams, you might receive some valuable feedback that could bolster your career significantly. Many writers celebrate when they get a rejection with a personalized letter from editors and agents because this means that people in the industry notice that their work has potential.

Editors have packed schedules. They’re constantly busy, and, although writers often have trouble implementing their feedback, they only want to showcase new voices: They are fans of the written word. When they take the time to leave a note, this means they truly care, because they didn’t have to do that, and they decided to anyway.

You can apply this line of thinking to many goals in your life: If someone gives you business advice, they’re probably doing so because they care. When your fitness instructor tells you your form needs to be adjusted, they’re doing their job so that you can see optimal results. It’s undoubtedly uncomfortable to hear feedback on any front, and it’s sometimes even physically uncomfortable to make these adjustments, but, when you finally do, you will see incredible results in your life.

Discomfort is one of those sensations that is temporary. It’s essential to sacrifice some form of comfort in order to save money, follow your dreams, travel, or increase your salary. Whether you want to move to Paris, become a famous actor, be the wealthiest person in the world, be a great lawyer, or travel across the country in a van, some form of sacrifice must be made in order to live the lifestyle you yearn to. Short-term discomfort leads to long-term success.

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