Adjusting Your Mindset for Success Personally and Professionally

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Many of us struggle with adjusting our mindsets and optimizing our lives. Existing on planet earth is no small feat, and thriving is certainly a tall order, but it is quite doable, particularly when you firmly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.

What is a Limited Mindset?

People who have a limited mindset will probably not reach their dreams, and they usually won’t even strive to. There are many examples to illustrate this situation: An abused woman may believe that she can’t leave her husband because she’s unworthy of someone kinder, or because she relies on him financially and thinks she can never make enough money on her own, a person may stay in a job they despise because it pays the bills, and they don’t think they’d be good at being a novelist, or anything else for that matter, even though that’s truly their dream, and, finally, a black person may decide that there is no point in going to protests, because things will never change, and they’re sick and tired for hoping to make a difference in a world that appears to have abandoned them.

What is a Limitless Mindset?

A limitless mindset is the one that dreamers have: Taylor Swift, Lenny Kravitz, and Saint JHN, among many others, all have a limitless mindset. After all, how will you ever achieve your dreams, or even know what they are, if you don’t allow yourself to fantasize about your future in the first place? It all starts in your psyche.

When you believe that you can be a singer, or a successful lawyer, or a popular novelist, or whatever else you truly want to be in life, you suddenly open the floodgates of creativity and allow yourself to become what you were born to be.

Similarly, if you love yourself, you’re extremely likely to attract someone who will love you, if that is what you are yearning for, and you’ll find that you don’t have to limit yourself to being a caregiver or a successful professional: There’s nothing wrong with being both, as long as that’s what you want.

When someone in the black community realizes that the world is a horrible place at times, but one that can get better, he may start focusing on collaborating with the people who are truly standing up for what’s right and begin focusing his efforts on what’s most important for the racial justice movement. Perhaps he’ll attend rallies; perhaps he won’t, but he’ll find a way to make his voice heard, and, sometimes, a few powerful people will listen, leading to tidal waves of change when he least expected them.

How Can You Shift Your Mindset?

Shifting your mindset takes time, patience, energy, and self-forgiveness. It is not an easy task, and it may take longer than you’d like for it to, but the endeavor is well worth your while because you’ll find that it will improve your life in a myriad of ways.

1. Question Your Assumptions

Some people have been raised in blue-collar families, where the assumption that you will forever labor away at a job you despise is inherent, and it’s hard to bust out of that. If this applies to you, you may want to take some time to yourself, and think about what you truly want, without taking your family’s judgments or opinions into consideration.

Similarly, many women are conditioned to believe that we are supposed to be housewives and mothers. Of course, these are both incredibly admirable paths to go down, particularly if that’s what the woman actually wants. If it’s not your cup of tea, on the other hand, you may prefer a more unconventional lifestyle, and that’s okay: It’s paramount to honor yourself in every endeavor, and check in with yourself — Do you actually want the house, the husband, the five kids, and the picket fence, or would you rather be single and travel the world?

2. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Too often, our limiting beliefs are echoes of other peoples’ voices. If you’re constantly surrounded by people telling you that you’re not good enough, or you’re not allowed to dream, it’s time to change your environment. There are more options than you might realize for people in this situation, and you’ll likely find your way out eventually if you seek them. In the meantime, it’s probably best to distance yourself from anyone who is not fanning your flame.

3. Honor Yourself

Sometimes people escape abusive situations only to begin berating themselves mentally. You may want to practice meditation or spirituality in one form or another if this is an issue for you. If religiosity and deism don’t resonate with you, it is extremely important to practice self-love daily, and forgive yourself if it’s hard sometimes to brush your teeth frequently enough or shower regularly: Many people struggle with depression, self-loathing feelings, and anxiety, and it will probably be a difficult journey, but you’ll eventually reach the destination of self-confidence, and you’ll likely feel ten times better as a result.

When you find your thoughts swirling in your mind, telling you that you can’t do something, or you’ll never be good enough, you might want to take a moment to breathe, and then read inspiring words or listen to an empowering podcast. If you do this enough times, the soundtrack in your brain will eventually be a more positive one.

Believe it or not, adjusting your mindset can lead to controversy in some circles: Your friends or partner may not be accustomed to you having such strong ambitions all of a sudden, and this could potentially compromise your relationships, but it’s paramount to remember that the people who truly love and respect you will understand and support you in all of your worthwhile endeavors.

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