Fewer Babies Being Born Will Benefit Society as a Whole

Daniella Cressman

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Lately, I’ve seen plenty of articles and ads saying that women are opting to be child-free or having babies later in life, often because they are pursuing higher education or focusing on their careers, and that is going to be so detrimental to society…

Here’s the thing: Women having fewer babies is a good idea on a global scale.

This is why: We have been struggling with overpopulation for a very long time. We now have more people than we can support with natural resources, and this will only get worse if women continue having babies when we can’t sustain and provide for more humans.

In many countries across the globe, babies are not surviving because they don’t have access to enough food and water. The mothers often die giving birth.

It’s difficult for parents to raise children in such dire straits, and, even though many are extremely resourceful, those living in poverty often struggle to have access to clean water, or any water at all, and fatal diseases are far too prevalent.

Why would we have more babies when climate change, pollution, overpopulation, and access to sufficient resources are already such major issues?!

I personally do not think this world needs more people in it: We need fewer humans on the planet, and the only peaceful way to actually achieve that so that we can support ourselves while preserving our planet is to stop having babies, or — at the very least — to have fewer babies!

I am not someone who believes in any way that one skin color is superior to another: I truly think that everyone is equal, and that everyone deserves the most basic of rights — food, water, shelter, and some form of healthcare.

This means that overpopulation is contributing to our problems in a major way, and leading to a great deal of unnecessary suffering, not to mention environmental destruction.

When it comes to food production, we need land, and that often means cutting down trees which are home to a myriad of species.

More and more species have become endangered and then extinct.

This continues to be the case.

It’s harming our planet every single day.

More people in the world, sadly, means that more people could starve or go without in many, many cases.

Currently, we have more than enough to feed every person on the planet, but that is clearly not happening, due to greed, ignorance, or a combination of both.

Furthermore, when I refer to resources, I’m referring to clean water — which is becoming increasingly rare! — enough land to farm on — which often requires deforestation and leads to the endangerment of various species — and even access natural gas until we can transition to clean energy fully.

Over time, we have used quite a lot of resources, and, with a larger population, it would make sense to assume we would need to use even more.

In short, there is only so much our planet can provide, and we’re already in dire straits.

For these reasons, I’m completely shocked that people are claiming women having fewer babies is a major problem.

It’s a major problem for the economy in Western countries.

It’s also a “major problem” for white supremacists who want to “carry one their race….”

It’s a threat for men in the workforce because more women pursuing careers means more competition for them.

It’s also a threat to men who believe women should be controlled, because someone without children has a lot more time and energy to dedicate to their career.

It means that the level of equality between men and women is shifting. This, in turn, means that many men feel threatened and scared of losing their privileged place in society.

While I would never say no one should have children, I honestly do not believe it is necessary, and I certainly don’t find the assertion that women not having babies is absolutely horrible for society even remotely factual.

That being said, I support all of the mothers out there, and I strongly believe that women who want to have kids should do just that, because it is a human right and it is a personal choice.

Men shouldn’t be making this decision though…Of course no woman should force children on a man who doesn’t want them, but no man should talk a woman into having kids she’d rather not have either.

Women not having babies or having them later in life is going to ruin everything?! I think it’s the complete opposite actually.

It will actually make the world a better place.

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