Five Incredible Destinations in Kenya

Daniela Ramos

Kenya is a country so full of varied landscapes and cultural worlds that it’s not easy to decide what to include in an itinerary. Below is a list of five destinations that should definitely be included in any adventurous traveler’s bucket list.

Maasai Mara National Park
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Surrounded by acacia trees spread across endless grasslands, the Maasai Mara National Park is named so because of the Maasai people that live there and the Mara River that crosses it.

Maasai Mara is also home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including lions, hippos, zebras, and all the African animals you can imagine.

A trip to Kenya should definitely include a safari through this fantastic park!

Amboseli National Park
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Located 150 miles southeast of Nairobi, Amboseli is known for being the best place to sight free-ranging elephants. Hundreds of elephants gather around backdropped by amazing vistas of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Amboseli protects two of five main swamps that are formed in that region, which are perfect for viewing 400 species of birds, including water types like pelicans, crakes, and 47 raptor species.

Other attractions of this park include the opportunity to meet Maasai people and visit one of their villages.

Lake Nakuru National Park
C Rayban/Unsplash

Set amidst the Great Rift Valley, and surrounded by bushy wooded grasslands, Lake Nakuru National Park is a haven for game drives, hiking, picnics, and bird watching, including pink flamingos! Sighting tree-climbing lionesses is another exciting activity in Lake Nakuru.

Diani Beach
Harshil Gudka/Unsplash

If you’re yearning for palm-fringed beaches and crystalline waters, Diani Beach is just perfect for you.

A short drive from Mombasa, Diani Beach is a small paradise on Earth. Its picture-perfect white-sand beaches and numerous activities are great for travelers who want to relax and those searching for adventure. Or, better yet, for those souls who want to do both!

Malindi Marine National Park
Talia Cohen/Unsplash

Also known as “The Coral Garden'', Malindi is located in the Indian Ocean. Visitors can enjoy glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, beach hiking, and camping while sighting dolphins, turtles, many species of shorebirds, and seemingly endless coral gardens.

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