Amazing Destinations in Jordan You Can't Miss

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Jordan offers a myriad of things to see. Across the country’s arid scenery, you’ll find some of the world’s most renowned sights that have enchanted visitors way back to Lawrence of Arabia and his explorations.

Boasting one of the world’s New Seven Wonders, Petra, as well as a rugged desert that is home to the legendary Bedouin culture, gorgeous natural landscapes ranging from deep canyons to palm oases, and the calm coast of the Red Sea, Jordan has a lot to offer for adventurous hearts.

Dead Sea
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Located 431 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the world’s lowest point on dry land. Its famous hyper salinated waters make floating on the water quite easily.

The black mud endemic of this massive lake is rich with minerals, so it is used for soothing therapeutic treatments at nearby resorts.

The Dead Sea also provides numerous places to explore. Hiking to the numerous oases while enjoying the Judean Desert background is surely a must for adventurous hearts.

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A short trip away from the capital, Jerash hosts impressive ceremonial gates, amazing theatres, and sumptuous temples. Visitors can easily imagine what this powerful imperial center once was.

The best way to start the day in Jerash is definitely to visit its Archeological Museum to acquire an understanding of the city before exploring it.

Must-visit sites in Jerash are the Forum, which is a plaza or square built during the 1st century, the Temple of Artemis, built in honor of the main goddess of the city, and the South Theater, an impressive amphitheater that is still active today for concerts and musical jaunts.

A not-so-famous spot in Jerash is Ajlun Castle, which sits on top of a mountain about 15 kilometers from the city. Its incredible vista of the area and maze-like passages and formidable Islamic fortress make for a magical day.

Wadi Rum
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Wadi Rum is one of the most unique deserts in the world. The only residents are the Bedouin nomads, who will happily invite visitors into their camps and offer them a cup of tea.

While day trips to the Wadi desert are quite possible, it is highly recommended to spend a night or two at one of the Bedouin camps. Few experiences in this world are as soul-enriching and mystical as sleeping under the stars, surrounded by sand while going back to basics.

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Also named the Red Rose City because of the reddish stone that it was carved from, Petra lies between sandstone mountains. Considered one of the 7 New World Wonders, it is also Jordan’s main attraction.

Petra was once a vital trading hub and the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom until it was destroyed by a major earthquake. Swiss explorer Jordan L. Burckhardt discovered its ruins in 1812.

Petra can be reached through a winding canyon called the Siq. A two-kilometer walk through sandstone walls will lead visitors to spot the Treasury, Petra’s most emblematic site.

A slightly challenging hike will lead to The Monastery, the biggest carved monument in Petra. The trek is full of tombs, theatres, sandstone carvings, and Bedouin market stalls.


Aqaba is the perfect place to finish your Jordan route. Its small-town beach vibes by the Red Sea make it the perfect spot for chilling, basking in the sun, snorkeling and diving.


Although most visitors to the Jordanian capital treat it as a gateway to more renowned spots like the Wadi Rum desert and Petra, Amman is in itself a city worth exploring. Amman is home to a marvelous citadel lined by amazing Roman ruins, majestic mosques, a vibrant maze of souks, and a fantastic art scene.

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