The Most Beautiful Puerto Rico Beaches

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Vacations call for a relaxing experience and there is nothing better to opt for than a beach. You could spend your vacations Soaking the sun, mesmerized by the turquoise, deep blue hues of the ocean, water sporting, or just a relaxing secluded island beach experience, this place should definitely be on the top of your list. When considering beaches, it is hard to ignore the Puerto Rican Beaches. Their absolute iconic beauty and turquoise waves meeting the sandy shores make them the best among all the beaches in the world.

The best thing about the place is that the beach resorts on the long stretches of sand incorporate all types of traveler’s needs. If you feel like taking a vacation to this beachy paradise, here is a list of some amazing beaches that you must visit while you are there.

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Playa Flamenco

The horseshoe-shaped white sand beach is truly a glimpse of paradise on earth. This beach is consistently considered one of the best beaches in the world. The beach is on Culebra island 17 miles east of Puerto Rico. The beach along with the whole island is the best place to explore as it has the best coral reefs in the world, the hiking trails on the island's national wildlife refuge are another treat for the adventurers to soother their eyes with the lush forest. 

Boqueron Beach

The beach is located on the Southwestern coast of Cobo Rojo. The mile-long golden sand stretch of the beach is a sight to behold for its palm and almond trees. There are a lot of fun activities if you want other adventurous things like visiting the pink salt lakes of Cobo Rojo.

Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park is one of the easily accessible beaches in the state. It is located near Old San Juan and the airport. If you are in for a laid-back atmosphere in the nearest area, this is the beach for you. Apart from the relaxing experience. It has a mile-long beach that offers the most happening beach activities. Some of the activities include Kite surfing, paddle tennis, and beach volleyball if you’re looking for a sporty beach experience. Soak in the sun and watch the birds fly by you for this beach has a lot of them. The Urban Area nearby makes it easy to get a snack or a drink along the way too. 

Isla Verde

The Isla Verde beach in Carolina is a long shoreline that stretches several miles which is beautifully framed with palm trees. This Urban beach is ranked as one of the best urban beach experiences. The snack bars and drinks with the nightlife are absolutely amazing to experience for a vacation. Moreover, if you had enough of the beach, the art and culture of Puerto Rico can be explored. Just several minutes away the Old San Juan is located. It offers a fun yet learning experience into the Puerto Rican culture and history. So, if you chose to go to this place, be ready to have a lot of fun on your visit. 


Speaking of hidden gems. Buye Beach is in Cabo Rojo located on the west side. This beach is truly a tropical dream with its awaiting crystal-clear waters and hiking adventures that await. The mangroves of the place are the best to explore while swimming in its waters, snorkeling, and observing the local wildlife like iguana walking by. So, this beach is yet again a package to enjoy. 


The beach is located on the island of Isabela. It is yet again one of the best beaches in the region because of the local life hustle which makes it the local Favourite of Puerto Rico. The mornings in Jobos are promising with its stunning oceanside Board Walk. The morning view from this boardwalk is just unforgettable and will top any of your Peaceful walking experiences. The beach offers the excellent experience of water sports like paddleboarding, water surfing among some of the sports offered. The trail of the Paseo Lineal to Jobos beach is another fun way of making the most out of the beauty of this Beach. 

Loquillo Beach

The beach is known for its warm and shallow waters that are best for family visits. If you have children that love to explore the beach, you might want to consider this one. The local vendors, snack bars, and life lifeguards, and the camping area of the small kiosks are some of the facilities that make this beach a Blue Flag and a worth visiting one.

Playa Crashboat

The Playa Crashboat is one of the most popular beaches of Puerto Rico, located on the west side of Puerto Rico. The tranquil turquoise waters are just to die for because swimming there is a one-of-a-kind experience. Moreover, the experience is enhanced like most of the beaches in the region, it offers the snorkeling and snowboarding experience. The iconic Bridge at the North of the Pier. Many visitors stay through the evening just to get the enchanting sunset view which is the best of all. 

La Posita

Well, for some of us the idea of a vacation is to have a calming time away from the crowds and hustle. If you are someone who loves the calm, secluded beaches, this might be one of your considerations when you visit Puerto Rico. This beach is on Loiza and is 30 minutes from San Juan. The clear waters and the calm long stretch of the beach are inviting to a relaxing day at the beach. There is even a shallow pool protected by the risen reefs that allow for the kids and children to join in the experience of enjoying the beach freely. In short, a great beach for families with small children and those looking for calm waters to swim.

Condado Beach

Like any other beach in Puerto Rico, this beach is a perfect place to relax for a few hours and enjoy the oceanic view of the beach. It has something for everyone and offers all types of activities like the other beaches in the region. With rented surfboards, you can enjoy several water sports or you can chill and relax by the beach.

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