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Tulum went from being a tiny fishing village to turning into one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations. It makes total sense, though. Not only are the pristine beaches that line the town absolutely picture-perfect, but there’s also so much to do in and around Tulum that it’s pretty much the ideal place to hit up regardless of your travel style.

If you’re currently planning your Tulum itinerary and find yourself at loss as to what to pack in there, here are just a few of the best things to do in Tulum that you can’t miss!

Photo by Spencer Watson/Unsplash

Check out Ven a La Luz

Photo by Marvin Castelino/Unsplash

Ven a La Luz (Come To the Light) is Tulum’s newest sight. The installation was originally created by South African artist Daniela Popper as part of an arts festival in Tulum, and then became a permanent resident of Ahau Tulum Resort.

Daniel Popper’s installation is relatively new, so you probably haven’t seen it on other Tulum travel guides yet. You’ve definitely spotted it on Instagram already, though! It reminds me of Te Fiti from Moana Check out the architectural wonderland at AZULIK Uh May

Another must-see is Tulum’s newest contemporary museum: AZULIK Uh May. Not only is the entire property a work of art itself, but you can also easily spend a few hours here checking out the exhibitions on offer.

Visit Tulum Archeological Site

Mexico is a haven for archaeological sites, but in my opinion, the most beautiful one is Tulum’s! What makes Tulum Archaeological Site so special is the fact that it overlooks the ocean, which makes it such a treat to the eye.

Pictured below is El Castillo (originally built as a watchtower to keep an eye out for enemies and trade). El Castillo is the most iconic building of the site, but this attraction is much more than that as the site is pretty big and consists of several buildings, houses, and ceremonial centers.

Grab a bike and explore

The best way to explore Tulum is on a bike (if you can handle the heat!). The best areas to bike in are along the road by the beach, which is mostly shaded by lush trees. There are rarely cars around this section, and you can stop by for a break at the beach pretty frequently!

Most hotels and Airbnbs these days offer free bikes for guests, but you can also find a ton of bike rental shops in the center of town.

Explore Tulum’s underworld

Tulum offers some of the most unique underwater experiences in the world. While exploring the town is amazing in itself, there’s so much more to be found under its waves.

If you’re a scuba diver, you have to go cave diving in a cenote or two (a must dive is The Pit and another one you can’t miss is Temple Of Doom). Moreover, you can spend the day diving down to an underwater river (yes, it’s a thing!).

Also, if you’re up for a really cool adventure, you have to book a tour through Río Secreto, an underground river located around an hour away from Tulum.

Swim beneath the ground

Photo by Free Birds/Unsplash

Cenotes are probably the biggest must-see in Tulum and the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Not only are they a jaw-dropping sight, but they’re also only found in this part of the world. Isn’t that amazing?!

Cenotes are water-filled pits that occur when an underground cave crumples in on itself. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to thousands of them (seriously, it’s not uncommon to buy land here and suddenly find there’s a cenote in your backyard!).

Tulum’s surroundings are home to the most popular (and photogenic) cenotes in the area, so make sure you don’t leave without checking at least a couple of them. These are just some of the can’t-miss cenotes in Tulum:

  • Cenote Calavera
  • Cenote Ik Kil
  • Cenote Zacil-Ha
  • Cenote Dos Ojos

Visiting Tulum is a dream for many, so if you don't currently have flight tickets booked, it might be time to do take the plunge a book one of the most Instagram-worthy vacations out there!

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