Unusual Coffee Shops Around The World

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Us coffee drinkers are familiar with the average coffee shop: bright wall menus, knowledgeable staff, tables and chairs, and of course, the smell of freshly brewed Coffee. A typical coffee experience includes walking up to the counter and ordering your brew, sitting down with your cup, or ordering to go. 

But, there some wildly unique coffee stops out there just waiting to be discovered the next time you crave a coffee fix!


Photo by Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Naha Harbor Diner - OKINAWA, JAPAN

What truly sets this diner apart is the fact that it sits twenty feet off of the ground, in a tree. Although it is not a real tree, the concrete structure really is impressive. The diner is in Okinawa, Japan, and offers a lovely view of the ocean and Naha Harbor. There are two ways to enter the treehouse diner, a spiral staircase, and an elevator within the trunk of the tree. 

Another really special thing about the Naha Harbor Diner is that only fresh, locally grown, organic foods and spices are served there. This is a huge nod to the organic movement, as well as keeping down on their own costs. It can be expensive to have foods shipped in from other places. Besides the benefits of fresh food, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cup of coffee in a treehouse?

Wash and Coffee - TAVERNERIO, ITALY

Perhaps one of the more practical coffee stops in the world, the Wash and Coffee in Tavernerio, Italy, is worth checking out. This coffee shop is a laundromat that serves coffee. Offering stylish decor, energy-efficient machines, and terrific coffee, this place is a laundry daydream.

Wormhole Coffee - CHICAGO, USA

If you are ever feeling nostalgic for the 1980s, and are in the Chicago, Illinois area, then stop by the Wormhole Coffee shop. With fabulous 80s decor and chic coffee offerings, this place is fun and interesting. They even have a famous car parked there as well as offerings of souvenir T-shirts and other vintage 80s goodies. 

The Wormhole features different coffee roasters regularly, as well as some pretty fancy in the cup, coffee art. For all things 80s and some great coffee, this is the place to be.

Vampire Cafe - TOKYO, JAPAN

As the name applies, Vampire Cafe is all about the Gothic scene. Located in Tokyo, Japan, this cafe boasts red velvet and macabre decor. If you have ever wondered if vampires truly exist, then this is the place that could convince you. When you sit down, you are greeted by waiters in tuxedos and waitresses in French maid outfits.

The Vampire Cafe gives new meaning to “Dinner theater.” The only difference is there is no actual theater; the performances are given by the staff merely doing their job. If you are a Goth or simply curious about the wildly popular vampire scene, this cafe should be on your “to-do” list.

Seva Cafe - INDIA

This cafe is a chain that is not about profits. In fact, there are no prices on the menus at all. Each cup of Coffee and meal served is considered a gift to the patron. Everyone who works at Seva Cafe is a volunteer, that truly wants to be there. This wonderful place is in several locations throughout India.

The hope is that patrons will embrace this spirit of giving and pay; however much they think the food and/or drinks are worth. The idea is to receive the gift of good food and service and then give a gift in return. Although this is the hope, each meal is served without the expectation of payment of any kind. 

You have just had a look at coffee drinking on its wilder side. These coffee shops are among the more unique places to grab a cup of java. No one ever said being a coffee lover had to be boring! 

There is a coffee shop for just about anyone. Whether you want to dress up and seek out the darker side of coffee culture, or would like some coffee while you do your laundry, there is a place for you.

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