5 Things To Stop Doing For Your Mental Health

Daniela Ramos

How many times have you scrolled through your social media just to find out that someone, somewhere, is hustling for their dreams and someone else is taking up online classes to level up their skills?

The whole world seems to be running so fast in this chain of being productive that we hardly have time to ‘pause’ and reflect.

During this time of uncertainty, where it is cool to be productive and be creative, it is necessary to take care of yourself. We aren’t in any competitive race and it is completely okay to slow down.

This is the time when we need ourselves more than ever and our mental health should definitely be our priority.

 It doesn’t really matter whether you become productive or come out as a great success after quarantine if you aren’t able to nourish your mental wellness.

Hustling is indeed essential and sometimes we aren’t left with any other option, but we shouldn’t forget that it is okay to slow down and prioritize our mental health.


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1. Comparing your journey

We are often so intimidated by other people’s success or their stories of reaching a milestone in just numbered days that we start blaming ourselves for not being enough.

It is never so. No one ever conquered anything great in a day. You need to put trust in yourself and your journey. Know that each individual is unique and it is okay to take your own time.

Comparing yourself with others is only going to make you miserable and in this, you will also dishonor your journey that the universe has designed for you.

Trust that you are in the right place and you are doing the best of your capabilities. Do not ever compare your start with someone’s middle.

2. Allowing toxicity

We have the tendency of giving ourselves completely to others even when they don’t. We never realize this as an act of self-harm until the day we find ourselves feeling drained.

We need to realize that it is high time and we need to stop watering all those weeds that leave our garden empty. Knowingly or unknowingly, we allowed them to spread toxicity in our life.

My dear, learn to value yourself enough to stop letting others harm your vibe. Learn to say NO when that’s exactly what you want to say.

Stop showing up every time for someone who was never there for you. Stop harming yourself because of their behavior and actions. 

You are more, more than everyone who thinks you less. Leave and cherish your well-being above everyone else’s.


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3. Negative self talk

I am a firm believer in words. Words can do miracles, but they can also turn the tables upside down. 

It is scientifically proven that the words we speak to ourselves have so much impact in our life, they radiate thoughts, which later spark into actions. 

We are so hard on ourselves sometimes that we start playing the blame game against ourselves. We start telling ourselves that we aren’t enough, that we need to stop trying, that we lack skills, that we are not made for this.

We fail to realize the power words can have and their ability to change reality – for better or for worse.

4. Unhealthy eating

It is scientifically proven that the food we consume has a great impact on our inner self. It actually can boost our mood.

Due to our hustling life, we don’t pour efforts into healthy eating and rush to grab convenience food, which can take a toll on our mental state.

Eating well is important for both your physical and mental health. Don’t leave it for later.

5. Overthinking

We tend to imagine things and then start weaving a web of thoughts around them, making it harder to handle. We get so caught in a web of overthinking that we ruin our mental peace and stability.

Use this simple practice of mindfulness: Whenever you find yourself lost in the maze of thoughts, remind or refocus your thoughts to the present moment. Start working with all your senses. 

The main aim here is to divert yourself and break the chain of thoughts that are creating anxiety.

Stressing about the things that are outside of our control is just like inviting a storm to a sunny day.

Another way of calming yourself when you are flooded by thoughts is to start journaling. Write down everything that troubles you, every single thought, and let your mind be an empty space after you finish with writing.

Above all, know that your mental health is solely your responsibility to take care of. You cannot expect someone to be accountable for it. Take in-charge and set on the journey of self-recovery. 

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