How to Get the Proper Bra Size

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Did you know that nearly 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Wearing the wrong bra can cause circulation problems, breathing problems, irritated skin, and in some cases, irritable bowel syndrome. Oh, and did I mention back pain, neck pain, and sore shoulders? Not only can wearing the wrong bra size make you look bigger and sluggish, but it can also cause plenty of health problems, so making sure you're getting one that fits your body is essential.

In a perfect world, we’d let our boobs run free, but let’s face it – many of us don’t feel comfortable dropping bras altogether, so we decided to round up a list of our top tips to find the best bra size for YOU!

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Not all bras are made the same

It is a common misconception that all bras are made the same. A C cup in one brand may not fit the same as a C cup by another manufacturer, so my go-to advice is to find the right fit for you and stick to buying bras from the same brand on a regular basis or make sure to check the sizing guides of each brand you buy bras from, especially if you're purchasing online.

Proper Method to Measure for Bra Size

Proper measuring is essential to getting a good fitting bra. Getting the proper measurement is a five-step process. First, measure your chest just below your breasts. Take a deep breath, keep the tape measure parallel with the ground, and record the measurement. This is your band size.

Measure across the fullest portion of your breast, again keeping the tape measure level at all times. Take the third measurement just above your breasts with the tape measure under your arms. Subtract this measurement from the second measurement. The difference will be used to calculate your cup size. The same cup size can be called two different things in larger sizes. Sizes also vary in Europe as compared to U.S. standards, so keep that in mind!

Standard Cup Sizing (Difference – Cup Size)

2.5″ – 3.5″ C
3.5″ – 4.5″ D
4.5″ – 6.0″ DD – sometimes called an E
6.0″ – 7.0″ DDD – sometimes called an F 7.0″ – 8.0″ G

Use these measurements as a starting point to finding the right bra for you. We recommend trying on several different types and brands until you find a bra you feel comfortable with. Once you find your perfect brand, the best advice we can give you is to stick to it religiously. It makes shopping for bras easier as you'll already know exactly what the best cup for you is (as stated before, cup sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer).

Another essential tip is to measure yourself at different times of the month. It's no secret that our breast size can change (hormones!), so we recommend getting different bras for different times of the month (your breasts are usually larger right before your period!)

Consider booking a bra fitting

Many lingerie shops offer private bra fitting appointments. Some offer them on a complimentary basis (although you'll be expected to make a purchase afterward), while others charge a fee for their time. If you're able to, we highly recommend getting an expert to measure your body and find the perfect-fitting bra for you. Not only does this process take just a few minutes, but you'll also be able to know for sure what your sizing actually is!

Don’t buy strictly by the size; you know how it feels, and only you will know if it is right for your body. Finding the right bra for you can take a while, but trust us, it’s totally worth it!

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