How to Create an Amazing Work from Home Routine

Daniela Ramos

Many people are now working (involuntarily) from home. It looks like the trend will continue- at least for the foreseeable future. Safety first, then everything else follows. 

For those who have abruptly found themselves working from home, how are you staying productive? 

How do you stay organized in an unstructured environment? 

How do you control your day and keep everything working as it should?

With a good schedule, you can easily make it. This article teaches you how to create an effective and amazing work- from- home routine.

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Set and stick to specific working hours

When you are working in an office set-up, you have specific and certain working hours. Things might change drastically when you start working from home. No one requires you to log in the time you report to work or log off when you leave. This means that you have to manage the working hours yourself and create a plan to stay accountable (procrastinating is just too easy when you are your own boss!)

To make the transition easier, stick to the routine you are already used to. Wake up early, prepare yourself and head to your ‘office’ at home at a specific hour. Take breaks routinely and clock off routinely as well to help you stay sane and keep a healthy work-life balance.

Limit social media and TV time

Social media and TV are some of the greatest distractors for people working from home. If not well monitored, you could find yourself spending all your time online. Keep phones away from you when working and keep the TV switched off if possible. You can have all the time to indulge in these things after you have done your work for the day.

A trick that works extremely well is to incorporate power hours into your routine. Set 60 minutes and write down a list of the task you're hoping to tick off your list in the next hour. For sixty minutes, focus solely on those tasks (keep your phone in a different room, block social media from your computer, and let everyone in the house know that you're unavailable for the next hour).

Get the right working tools

The right tools will make your work easier when working from home. Plan everything appropriately and make sure you have what you need. You can always improvise. For instance, if you do not have an office, you can dedicate a certain space in your house to be working from. Ideally, a good office for working from home should have a standing desk and a good ergonomic chair. Noise-canceling headphones would also come in handy. A good internet connection is also a vital tool for your communication and research purposes.

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Create a good planner/schedule

When you are working from home, make it a habit to never wake up without a plan for the day. You should plan your day the previous night and make sure you incorporate everything that will be demanding your attention. 

For instance, your kids and spouse, cleaning the house, cooking, and other chores should be on that planner. If things seem a bit overwhelming, break them down into small, manageable tasks. When you finish a task on your planner, check that off and go onto the next one. If you don't necessarily love writing things down, there are plenty of online planners and apps that will do the trick just as well!

Ask for help

Incorporate help from your spouse and kids to make your life easier when working from home. Give the kids responsibilities. Let them clean up after themselves when they wake up and if they are old enough you can let them help you out in the kitchen. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed when trying to get some work done from home.

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