Impact of the digital world on business

Daniel Joseph

We are a society driven by digital technology. Such is its impact that there are countries where citizens don’t have running water, basic electricity but own smartphones.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a major company or a work at home mum or dad business, digital marketing has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work, purchases, and life habits, it’s caught some businesses out who thought that it would be just a new passing fad

As such, companies today need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact.

Within the digital world, Digital technology changes at an incredibly fast pace, and this can often happen overnight.

Relentless in its pace, these changes require employees across departments to be agile, work collaboratively and most importantly keep up to date with development so they have the skills to adapt and use these changes to the company’s advantage.

Continuing up to date education and systems provided as and when employees need it is a great way to achieve this.

By constantly looking forward and upskilling a workforce in the latest and most relevant technologies, strategies, and techniques, employees can be proactive in knowing what is coming down the line and understand how their brand can use these changes to their advantage.

If you look at IBM as an example. they acutely aware of the changing landscape they introduced a digital selling pilot program that transformed their traditional sales team into digital sellers.

Not doing this leaves you open to be swamped by the competition and being out of business

The pilot proved so successful that it has now been rolled out on a global scale to transform the selling capabilities of its staff, drive revenue, and improve its mindshare and status across online networks.

This is one of the biggest downfalls with companies online is that they do have a forward-thinking policy in place to take the slack, and keep up to pace with the competition

In simple laymen’s terms, to achieve digital success, businesses across industries need to be aware of the pace of change and invest in learning and development initiatives that ensure their workforce is on the cutting edge of digital marketing and selling tactics.

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