San Luis Obispo, CA

I am a sixty something sometimes writer, vagabonder (read long-term traveler not vagrant,) designer and cook. I have been married to the same gorgeous woman for 30+ years and have four delightful and beautiful children. I am a property manager by profession, a cook by passion, a graphic designer when need be and an explorer of cultures by primordial predisposition. I think that all education is self-education. I make a conscious effort to avoid engaging with querulous persons, cantankerous, carping, curmudgeons and predictable, penny pinching Prima Donnas. I am fit yet not fanatical, light hearted yet neither fickle or unpredictable, with a modicum of charm tempered by a deferential humanity. I am equally at ease in an English parlor or a two-man tent on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro. I cook like a trained chef, dresses a table like a seasoned events planner and can make anywhere seem like home. I am tortured with the passions of Jacob yet think with the clarity of a Buddhist Monk and have on occasion dreamt of being the poster child for Carpe Diem. I also believe that “what if” is the way that all great adventures begin and should never be wasted to lament an opportunity not taken.