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Welcome back. To my journal. Almost daily. Well not quite that often. It’s been a few weeks since my last entry. September is upon us and moving along quickly. The weather has still been quite warm but you can tell that Fall is approaching. The leaves on the trees are starting to show hints of gaining color and more cool days are finding their way into the mix. Since we cannot change the weather or the seasons, we might as well embrace the changes. Have you started your fall decorating yet? We are just getting started at our house.
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Decorating is a thing at our house. We decorate for all the seasons and most holidays. The centerpiece for our decorations is the seasonal tree. We have an artificial tree that stays up all year as we decorate for the various seasons/holidays. During the summer the tree has a patriotic theme, which we recently undecorated. Now it is time to change over to fall. So far we just have the lights on the tree which are white and orange. I also have put some things on the front porch (see below). I previously wrote about our seasonal tree last December.

To be honest, my wife does most of the indoor decorating as I tend to focus on the outside. I put the lights on the tree and also decorate the kitchen rail (on top of the kitchen cabinets). For fall, I put garlands of fall leaves and orange lights around our 2 front doors and wreaths on the doors (front porch).
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More Than Just Decorating

As do many people, we go all out for Christmas. The main event. The other holidays are much easier, but it still adds a special element to each season. Although the end result is great, the process of working together to decorate is much more important. It is a great way to spend quality time with your spouse/partner and/or your kids as well.

Why Not Give it a Try?

You might be thinking that all this decorating is too much work. I would encourage it, however, as it adds a special feel to the seasons and holidays. You don’t have to go all out. Keep it simple. If you have young children or grandkids, they love to put window clings on. I do recommend a seasonal tree, however. It adds a great touch to your home, and I think you will enjoy it once you start. We have a 7.5-foot tree, but you can start much smaller, perhaps a tabletop size.
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For fall, we will also purchase a few mums and pumpkins, and maybe some cornstalks. Fall seems to be a very popular season to decorate as many put our pumpkins and mums. We leave the fall decorations up through Thanksgiving, so that gives us a good solid 2 months to enjoy them. Well worth the time and effort.


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Stay Tuned For Our Full Array of Fall Decorations

I will post another update when we finish the fall decorations. I am looking forward to finishing our fall decor and also to the fall foliage as it is normally beautiful here in the Northeast.

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An avid blogger for 7 years, I focus on vegetable gardening, bird watching, and outdoor adventure. My posts offer a wealth of information on both topics and many photos to enjoy. Recently retired, I also write a series of articles entitled, Embracing Retirement, with the goal of helping people to maximize retirement enjoyment.

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