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"They Snapped My ID In Half" – 23-Year-Old Woman Outraged After Bouncer Snaps Her ID Without Explanation

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A 23-year-old lady alleged in a video that the bouncer had slashed her authentic ID without providing an explanation.

In her video, the young lady going under the handle kristen nicoles said: "I just got to this insane pub, and they snapped my ID in half."

Her real ID was shattered in two, she said as she held out what was remained of it.

According to the description, the event took place at Mother's Tavern in San Luis Obispo, California.

What happened after the video, "Why did he snap my ID?" According to Kristen, when she went out with pals, Mother's Tavern was their first stop. They left Mother's Tavern for a bit and then proceeded somewhere else.

The bouncer wanted to see a stamp she had from the bar when they had previously visited there as they were ready to enter. As soon as the bouncer asked for her ID, Kristen claimed she gave him a "strange" look.

@kristen_nicoles 🤬🤬So this place in downtown San Luis Obispo just snapped my ID in half !! I’m so upset! Im 23 years old and i had another year till my license expires. Called “Mothers Tavern” in downtown San Luis Obispo!!!!! DO NOT GO HERE THEY BREAK REAL ID’s UNTRAINED BOUNCERS !!!!!!! Lemme know if this has happened to you! #bars #sanluisobispo #GenshinImpact34 #fyp #snappedid #bouncer #clubs ♬ original sound - Kristen

He gave her another "strange" glance before letting her know he wanted to keep her ID. In a rush to visit the bar's toilet, Kristen announced to her audience:

"I was very perplexed. Kristen responded, "I've never heard of a bouncer doing that. I told them, "Sure, no problem, you can hold my ID," since I had a really severe urge to urinate.

Another bouncer was on the door when she returned. "Nowhere to be found" was the person who had her ID.

In a second companion video, Kristen proceeded to tell her tale. At "the other end of the bar," she located the first bouncer. He then handed her an ID that had been sliced in half and said it was false.

Kristen emphasized that she did not attempt to purchase alcohol and that she could not comprehend how the ID was valid hours before.

She made an effort to talk things out with the bar management. The 23-year-old was after all on vacation and didn't have any additional paperwork with her.

The next day, Kristen went to the police station to file a complaint against the bar. She was told that while the bartender would be the subject of the complaint, the institution would not.

Kristen, who had driven her friends to California, was unhappy about having to drive them back. On the way, she prayed she wouldn't be stopped.

17.1 million people have seen the first video, and counting. The video producer, who has close to 30k followers, received support from a large number of others who claimed to have gone through a similar experience.

The only reason, according to Kristen, is that the bouncer had never seen a vertical ID before. They did this with my Swedish ID in a bar and kept it, a person who posted this felt.

Is getting it replaced now your obligation, a different individual questioned? That would be the worst thing to me, such a hassle.

The pub "should pay for it," a lot of people said, and several added, "Bring them your birth certificate and make for a new ID."

Kristen put the ID issue behind her after making it home safely. She substituted videos of her pet and beauty tips.


Sources used: @kristen_nicoles on TikTok.

Special credits: Milla (Shout out to check her amazing work)

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