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Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down, 517000 Jobs Added In Jan, Freezing Weather forecasted In NY & More

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Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down
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In the most recent update, the suspected Chinese spy drone was shot down after clearance from President Joe Biden. It was allowed to float over USA's airspace for several hours to avoid debris causing damage to the people.

The incident of the Chinese balloon hovering over sensitive nuclear sites in the USA has created fresh chaos between two rival nations. Earlier, the balloon was seen from the naked eye over Carolinas and it was expected to exit USA's airspace within a few days.

China's foreign minister has confirmed the ownership of the balloon claiming it to be a privately owned balloon for weather monitoring and it is not a spy balloon. In its response, China said the balloon, though maneuverable, could not hold its trajectory and got displaced by strong jet streams.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed his trip of 5-6th Feb to China in response to the flying of this suspected Chinese spy balloon. The visit was the first high-level meeting between these countries in the last three years and various sensitive issues such as of Taiwan and Covid were supposed to be discussed in the meeting.

Shocking Surge In Job Hiring In Jan
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Recent data on unemployment has left people surprised giving 2023 a much-awaited positive start. Despite large layoffs from various tech giants, the US has recorded a surge in the number of jobs adding 517000 jobs in January, a blockbuster number, which is way beyond than expected number of 185,000.

The leisure hospitality sector has seen a sudden boost in jobs adding 128,000 jobs but still, the number is below pre-pandemic levels. Other major contributors are government jobs adding 74,000, factory jobs adding 19,000, and private sector jobs adding 443000.

The current unemployment rate of 3.4% makes it the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. The news came amid Federal Bank continuing to raise the interest rate.

New York Might See Chilling Weather Conditions Over The Weekend
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Though you find the temperature 4 degrees Saturday morning in New York City, But wind chills from the Arctic blast are making it as low as -15 and even down to -30 far north and west. A number of places are kept on Red Alert for frostbite and hypothermia due to prevailing weather conditions and asked people to stay inside.

These are the coldest days in the past several years. Mayor Wu declared a cold emergency in the City of Boston from Friday, February 3, through Sunday, February 5, due to the extreme cold weather in the forecast. Boston Public Schools are closed on Friday.

Dozens of people covered in sleeping bags, quilts, fibrous blankets, and even trash bags lined up, sleeping, against the walls and on the benches have occupied Boston’s South Station, the downtown train hub that was left unlocked to provide emergency shelter overnight on Friday and Saturday.

Adani: From 2nd Richest In World To Out Of Top 20 In 10 Days

Gautam Adani, the Indian Business tycoon, has reportedly lost $60 Billion in the last 10 days after investor research firm Hindenburg research accused Adani of stock manipulation and illegal practices to generate more money over the decades.

This news resulted in Adani owned company's stock falling more than 50% within 3-4 days and thus making him bleed billion each day.

In response Adani declared all claims of the research firm to be false. In its 400+ pages response, he claimed that everything is under the country's law and called it a targeted attack on him and Indian policies.

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