Africans have made an armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 that can withstand fire from an AK-47

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The South African company SBI Engineering has introduced an armored version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300. The SUV received an armored plate behind the second row of seats, 38 mm thick glass, run-flat tires, and an increase in weight of about 750 kilograms. The protection complies with the B6 standard, that is, the car will withstand fire from AK-47 or Vektor R5/R6 assault rifles. As reported by

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is produced in Canada, and also in South Africa. The local company SBI Engineering is proposed to protect the SUV according to the B6 standard, that is, it will withstand fire from AK-47 or Vektor R5/R6 assault rifles.

The package of improvements includes an armored plate behind the second row of seats. It was shifted a little closer to the stern to add more space for the passengers. The roof, sidewall of the body, bottom, and glass are also armored (thickness — 38 mm). Instead of the usual tires, there are run flats.

The armored Cruiser 300 is heavier than usual by about 750 kilograms, so SVI Engineering strengthens the suspension so that the SUV drives and steers like a standard one. At the same time, all electronic assistants are saved — from parking sensors to cameras.

Booking a car takes an average of four months, and such a revision costs 981,823 South African rands.

Earlier, a similar armored car was shown by the Canadian company Inkas. To be certified according to the VPAM VR7 ballistic resistance standard and the explosive ERV2010, the car had to fire 780 rounds from weapons of various calibers, detonate six hand grenades at the roof level and four under the bottom, as well as two DM31 land mines and the equivalent of 15 kilograms of TNT at a distance of two meters.


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