10 Wonderful Anniversary Gifts You Can Get at Walmart

D.R. McElroy

Save money and still get a gift they'll love!


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Walmart may have a reputation as a purveyor of low-cost, low-quality goods, but there are actually some great buys to be had at the nation's largest retailer. Here's are ten amazing gifts you can be proud to give anyone any time!

Gifts Under $50

1. Silver jewelry. There's a fine jewelry kiosk in almost every Walmart that sells a nice selection of jewelry for both men and women. Choosing sterling silver over gold will keep the price down while still exhibiting quality far above plated or costume jewelry.

2. Electric throw or weighted blanket. Heated throw blankets are wonderful for chilly winter nights and come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Weighted blankets are a nice alternative when heat isn't required; they come in various weights and offer comfort from anxiety and stress.

3. Books. You won't find a huge selection at Walmart, but they commonly have the top ten or twenty bestsellers at prices up to half off the retail cost at bookstores. If you know what your reader likes, this is a good place to look for new titles.

4. Over-sized canvas or framed photo prints. This is a gift that many people don't think to ask for, but that everyone loves. A favorite photo can be printed on canvas, wall hangings, or pillows in various sizes; you can also have a photo blown up large and custom-framed.

5. Perfume or cologne. An old standby but still great, they'll always be glad to get a nice bottle of a favorite scent. At Walmart, you can find designer names like Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and Dolce and Gabbana for as little as half of the regular retail.

Gifts Under $200

1. Gold jewelry. If you can afford a little more, go for the gold! 10 to 14kt gold jewelry can be had at bargain prices here that looks just like what you might buy at a jewelry store. While getting help at the jewelry department is sometimes a trial, patience is rewarded as you get friendly and fairly knowledgeable service.

2. Digital Wi-Fi Photo Frame. If you've got too many pics to pick from, a digital photo frame is the answer. Wi-Fi capable ones come with a remote and are programmable to share photos via the internet directly from the frame. A good 16GB frame can hold up to 40,000 photos!

3. Apple Watch or Fitbit. Depending on their habits, an activity tracker like Fitbit can be a boon to anyone's workout regimen or fitness plan. For less "bouncy" types, an Apple Watch can count steps, play music lists, track GPS locations, and even monitor the weather.

4. Portable massager. The luxury of a spa massage cannot be overstated: it's pure bliss. In our current times, however, in-person massages may be hard to find...or to fund. Enter the portable massager. There are lots of cheap "thumpers" on the market, machines that pound the muscles without doing much to relax the user. But a good shiatsu machine is nearly as effective as a masseuse when it comes to working the neck, back, and shoulders. While there are plenty of models under $50, the best cost closer to $100 and come with infrared heat, programmable sessions, and can handle every body part from feet to the back of the skull.

5. Noise-cancelling headphones or AirPods. If your loved one is an Apple person, then AirPods are a no-brainer. The convenience of wire-free earbuds is worth the cost in hassle reduction. Noise-cancelling headphones do a better job of silencing the unwanted racket of our surroundings and go a long way towards helping calm anxiety and overstimulation. Just the thing if they're trying to work from home!

So, there you have it: Ten outstanding gifts for all occasions to meet any budget.

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