Lessons Learned from Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

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Lessons learned and compiled from memory.

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Listicles don’t align with my belief system. See this. But, here I am.

I will write from memory to see how much I absorbed from the audiobook to spice things up.

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1. Get Frisky

The book touched on the use of psychedelics. It can open up more profound levels of consciousness. If I was digging deeper, I would provide a quote.

Instead, I am going to paraphrase. Don’t be stupid. If you are going to take psychedelics, don’t do it with your guy Rick. We all have a guy.

This is not something to play around with. Only do it in a controlled environment for the enlightening experience.

2. It’s All Good

When things were going to hell in a handbasket, Jocko Willink would say “good.”

The idea here is when things are going wrong, it’s good. Makes no sense until you dig into the logic.

Something bad happens. Oh no! We adjust. Yay! We find solutions we would not have found otherwise.

So when things go wrong, we look for the win that deep inside.

3. No Rush, No Hurry

Value your time. The less rushed and hurried you are, the better. It’s the shift from financial freedom to time freedom.

Of course, financial freedom helps, but it’s natural to trade time for money. So shifting to using finances to free up time is essential.

4. Wishing Happiness

This one stuck out to me.

Stop right now. Yes, right this second. Stop reading — look for or think about three random people.

Wish them happiness.

In your head, silly. Don’t say anything out loud.

How does it feel? Pretty good, huh?

The power in it comes from getting our minds off ourselves.

5. Write 10 Ideas a Day

Ok, I am kind of cheating with the whole writing from memory thing. I came across Tim Denning’s article about James Altucher.

Writing 10 ideas per day increases creative juices. The theory suggests that creativity can grow like any muscle.

Enough practice, and the ideas get easier. But, most ideas will be worse than spending an entire paycheck on Tiger King underwear. There will be some valuable gems as well.

6. Mindfulness Terminator

Turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger meditated for a year. It was beneficial. He was also a millionaire before becoming an actor.

It’s a remarkable story, and he definitely carved his own lane.

Mediation was one of the main commonalities shared among many of the interviewees.

7. Take A Lot of Notes

The main thing that stuck out to me from Robert Rodriguez was his daily journaling habit.

He was able to collect much of his family’s memories and archive them. It was extraordinary hearing how he would look back at family events.

I’ve begun a personal journal, but I’d like to try my hand at a family journal. I know I don’t quite remember the fun experiences I had growing up.

Well, that sums up my Tools of Titans brain dump listicle. Of course, if you want more specificity, read the book or listen.

I am sure I missed a lot. It was a 22hr audiobook. Let me know what jumped out for you. (Hopefully, from memory.)

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