Confident Couples: Creating a Strong ‘We-ness’ in Love and Life

Cynthia Greene, MHR, Marriage & Relationship Visionary Strategist
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Do you want to make a strong we-ness in your love and life? It is essential for a healthy love life and to become that Confident Couple. I believe everyone should try to create a strong we-ness in their personal love life. By achieving a solid relationship, you can have a healthy mix in your love and professional life. This can happen by achieving better communication which is always the key to creating strong relationships. Keep in mind that we-ness is another name for a strong, connected, positive relationship.

Here we will share the best practical tips for creating a solid we-ness in love and life.

So let's dive into it. 6 Tips to create a stronger 'We-ness'.

Share secrets with each other

One of the first practical tips you need to become friends is to share your secrets. Do you remember when you were little and you shared your secrets with your best friend, but it really wasn’t a secret, but you like to pretend it was? When you are friends, you can be open to each other to share secrets. It may look scary to many couples, but it is necessary, to be honest. It helps to build trust and know more about it. Moreover, these secrets may be about your interests, desires, etc., and not necessarily some dark activity in your past. I remember, my husband and I went to a wedding and some of his childhood friends, who I had never met, came over to me. They decided to share some of my hubby’s shenanigans from growing up. Well, thank goodness he had already shared them with me. They were truly shocked that we had shared ‘secrets’ like that. I was really proud that my husband trusted me enough to tell me things that were not so pleasant from his past. It helped us grow closer.

Cultivate common interests

Another essential tip is to spend quality time together, which is vital for every relationship. Participating, watching, or supporting each other's favorite things to do is a way to build that quality time in. Spend time together to know more about your partner. It is one of the essential tips to cultivate common interests and enjoy doing the things that both partners love. Ensure that you are creative in acquiring common interests and bringing the we-ness value to your relationship. When you know about shared interests, it is easy for you to become more attractive to each other. Make a ‘bucket list’ or an adventure list to pull from when you are ready to get out and try something different or do something you have thought of for years.
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Pursue personal passions

Every person needs some alone time and time to enjoy their own special hobby or pastime. It would help if you paid the time to enjoy your passions independently. It doesn’t mean you’re your mate can’t join you sometimes because it could definitely either help the two of you find a common hobby that you enjoy together. It could also help them to appreciate that this is something that you are really good at. For example, if you like to play the piccolo, they may enjoy listening or learning more about the instrument. Ensure that you maintain a healthy sense of personal passions and together activities in your relations to create long-term we-ness.

Show support

Your actions speak a lot more than your words. If you want to work on your relationship, start showing support for each other. You can find many ways to provide support and help validate the respect in your relationship. Always remind your partner that you are there to help each other in difficult times and the good times. Celebrate the small wins. It helps to make your relationship stronger and builds that feeling of we-ness we have been discussing.

Forego the fairytale

Many of us set high expectations for living a fairytale life when we move into a new relationship. Everyone is excited about the new relationship, but you need to be more realistic. After some time, maintaining the fairytale is challenging and will disappear when you are spending lots of time together. Eventually, it may take away the we-ness aspects of your life. Ideal relationships have realistic expectations from each other, and it helps to maintain the long-lasting we-ness in your life. ‘We’ should be honest with one another on what our expectations and desires are to create that stronger bond that we desire.

Release resentments

Sometimes you may have guilt and regrets about some past actions or behaviors. It is vital that you are aware of your resentments and want to deal with them. If you realize the grievances, deal with them as partners and forgive each other, by learning through the experience. Living in the past will ruin your relationship, and it's hard to build a solid we-ness factor. It is easy to make a healthy and positive life when you move forward.

When couples marry, they become ‘One’. One-ness does not mean like-ness. It simply means that you think and do as a team. We-ness is the same thing. You can’t be on a soccer team and only think about you getting the ball to the other end of the field. You have to think about how can my teammates and I work together. Relationships are all about working together to create a happy, successful, and powerful union.

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From the Team of We,

Cynthia, Your Marriage Visionary!

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