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Cynthia Greene, MHR, Marriage & Relationship Visionary Strategist
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In the month of May, we are addressing the big issue of mixing Marriage plus Entrepreneurship. We call it MarriedBizPreneurs. MarriedBizPreneur means someone in your marriage has a business; whether it is one of you, each of you have a separate business, or if you run a business together. It can be difficult to know how to prioritize marriage commitments and business commitments and know how and when to separate the two.

In this article, we are going to share some great advice to not only make it work but help both your marriage and your business thrive! Differences in style, personality, background, and talents are some of the biggest issues that can impact relationships whether in love or business and lead them to a negative stage. We believe that it is not about ‘balancing’ (which means equal distribution), but, we will show you that it is more about having a healthy mixture of life, love, and business.

It is not true that all relationships suffer when it comes to managing and owning a business because there are many successful entrepreneurship couples that have healthy relations all the way around. Everyone has a different vision, related to entrepreneurship and relationships.

We are not denying that entrepreneurship has a significant effect on relationships and vice versa. Here we will share some effects of entrepreneurship and relationships that help you create that healthy mixture.

More accountability

When you are running a business and in a relationship, you become more accountable. In the working industry when you first get a job, it can help make you a more responsible person who knows how to deal with every matter of life such as timeliness, following job guidelines, reporting to authority, and relating to co-workers. So when you become an entrepreneur and you are a couple, you can apply some of these principles to understand the importance of accountability for having a healthy life mix. Just like in work or business, your relationship will flourish more by keeping things clear when it comes to each other’s time, having set guidelines and boundaries, knowing your individual roles, and paying attention to how you relate to each other in either circumstance.

Become better partners in all aspects

When you start a business with a new business partner, you operate as friends or co-workers and you learn how to operate together. Similarly, when creating a new relationship with an unknown person, it takes some time for you to become friends, as well as lovers. In the couples entrepreneur life, you become good partners by giving value to each other. It brings a significant impact on your personal life, your business life, and your love life when you have a positive attitude towards your partner. It helps you figure out each other's desires and act accordingly.

Business teaches you to compromise and helps in your personal married life. The experience of being an entrepreneur helps in every field of life, because you face many challenges, just like you do in marriage and love. The key is to develop a positive attitude and work together to define roles and responsibilities, who has the best skills in certain areas and how we take care of each both in the office and out.

Become more empathetic

According to researchers, it is clear that when business people are more kind this helps them become better bosses. Therefore, the entrepreneur couple should also show empathy and kindness in the required manners of personal life and business life to help create that healthy life mixture. Allow each to make mistakes and learn from them. Ask each other questions to learn their style. Know when to allow creativity and diversity and when you need to take your hands out of the pot.

More confident in what each brings to the table

A confident person is more successful in every matter of life. When we are confident in our own personal and business skills and our partners, then we are confident in what we both bring to the table. Clear communication with healthy discussions to come into agreement on decisions that have to be made in both business and your relationship is key. You must be clear on when you need help and when you can go it alone to get the job done. You should know what your relationship demands and what the demands of the business are to bring that healthy mixture.

Better problem-solving for life perspectives

Couples who are Entrepreneurs and in a relationship, usually have better problem-solving skills. They can make life goals and business goals together and work on them to achieve the targets for success. Whether both partners are in business or just one, when they collaborate and support one another, their critical thinking capacity should flourish more in both personal relationships and dealing with surrounding matters. They know the impact of their decisions on their personal life and business life so they tend to act accordingly.

If you are an entrepreneur and you and your mate are not on the same page, think about how these 5 skills can affect your relationship and your business. Everyone has different life circumstances that will arise. It’s how you work together to solve them, that makes all the difference. It is better to think positively about leading a healthy mixture to create that healthy bond in love life and business.

To become a better partner, show that you’re open to differences, receptive to new ideas, and quick to adapt and adjust through the decisions the two of you make together whether it’s love or entrepreneurship.

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To a Healthy Mix of Love, Life, and Business

Cynthia Greene, MHR

"If you build it, it will last"

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