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Cynthia Greene, MHR, Marriage & Relationship Visionary Strategist
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For various individuals, marriage may imply a variety of things. Some people consider marriage to be nothing more than a piece of paper (a contract). (In reality, according to the Pew Research Center, almost 4 in 10 Americans believe that marriage is no longer necessary.) Others consider marriage to be a lovely but potentially unattainable ideal, for various reasons. And for others, marriage is still a goal, but it hasn't materialized yet for a variety of reasons. (According to further Pew Research findings, around 6 in 10 Americans who are not married wish to get married.)

Regardless of what people believe about marriage, here's the issue: Does marriage truly matter? Whether or not marriage is an outdated institution, is it something that can help people, families, and society as a whole remains to be seen.

Here are a few of the reasons why social science shows that marriage is important in the first place.

Marriage Strengthens Families

Any family's foundation is built on the institution of marriage. It is the cornerstone of a relationship between two individuals who will support one another and construct a life together in the future. Marriage helps to build stronger families by giving stability, support, love, and companionship to the children in the household. It also aids in preventing couples from becoming estranged due to work or other duties as well. Children need both parents' involvement to grow up healthy and happy.

Marriage Improves the Economy

Marriage plays an important role in the improvement of the economy. According to many studies, married persons tend to be richer, healthier, and more educated than their single counterparts on a variety of measures. This has the potential to have a huge influence on the economy since it enhances productivity while also decreasing stress levels in couples.

Marriage Helps with Physical Health
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Several studies have revealed that marriage is a positive factor for physical health. Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and stroke are all lowered due to this practice. Persons who are married tend to have longer lives than people who are single. They also have a greater sense of well-being psychologically. Marriage is a social institution that is based on the love and support of one's spouse and other family members. It also has a positive effect on the self-esteem, happiness, and general well-being of the participating individuals.

Marriage Helps with Mental Health

Marriage has been shown to be beneficial to one's mental health. Marriage is a critical element in the prevention of mental disease and may be utilized as an intervention for people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, among others. Studies have shown that things as simple as hugging, kissing, touching increase the ‘happy’ hormones that increase the chemicals released in the brain that reduces stress and anxiety. Keep loving on your spouse and it can be a positive influence on their mental health.

Marriage Reduces Crime and Domestic Violence

Marriage is a powerful social institution that has been shown to help lower crime and domestic violence in the community. Several studies have been conducted over the last two decades that demonstrate how marriage may help individuals live happier and healthier lives. Marriage rates in the United States have been steadily dropping for many decades. Marriage rates, on the other hand, are increasing in several areas, such as Utah and Idaho. Researchers relate the decline in marriage to the fact that more individuals are opting to get married later in life, after they have established their jobs and families, according to their observations of recent trends. Studies also show that Millennials and GenZers are slower to get married.

More positive depictions of happy, successful marriages are needed in the world today. We don’t often see them portrayed in our homes, in our communities, on prime time media, social media, or written print. If we showcase the world how there are great marriages in the world we could positively influence the decline in marriage, especially among our younger generations. We need to keep marriages going to continue to positively influence our families, communities, and the economy. We can do that by adding more positive examples in the things that people are paying attention to today such as in movies and on television, in the news and media, and on social media. We can also do that with more positive programs, activities, and outings for couples to enjoy.

Our company has started a Marriage Movement for Marriage Movers who want to stay 'winning' in their relationship. We have so much to offer to help make a difference in how everyone sees marriage portrayed today. Couples get a free image to shout to the world that they are happy and in love. Simply submit a picture and we do the rest. In celebration of National Black Marriage Day, join a great day of recognition for great marriages that have enjoyed longevity. For more information visit our website. Stay connected. Stay encouraged. Stay always building to have the best marriage ever!!!!!

Forever building!

Cynthia Greene, Marriage Visionary

"If you build it, it will last"

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