Respect and Appreciation for Marriage in the World Today

Cynthia Greene, MHR, Marriage & Relationship Visionary Strategist

Did you know that getting married is on the decline and so is divorce? One thing that we have found is that, as divorce rates continue to reduce overall, successful marriage statistics increase accordingly. With a 40-50% chance of a marriage in the US ending in divorce, there is a 50%-60% chance that the marriage will not be dissolved. (U.S. Census) So, people who marry today stand a much better chance of having a successful marriage than ever before!

May I dare say that studies show that the numbers for divorce have actually gone down. According to the U.S. Census bureau report in 2020, divorces went down between 2009 and 2019. At the same time, the U.S. Census Bureau also confirms that marriage rates have gone down. What that seems to imply is that while people are not divorcing as much, they also are not getting married as often as they have in the past. So, if divorce has gone down, doesn’t that mean that more people are staying married? Then why does everyone focus on the divorced?! All it seems people talk about is the so-called 50% who are (or who have) divorced. If 50% are divorced, what is going on with the other 50%? Let it be known….there are beautiful, happy marriages in the world today!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful love story about a couples journey to love? And who doesn’t love to drool over the photos from an ah-mazing wedding with a beautiful bride and groom? But, what about when the wedding is over and you have returned from the honeymoon? Life kicks in and it’s time to ‘BE’ married! How do you do that? Did anyone teach you? Did you read about it? Did you watch your parents? What did you do to ensure that you know how to be married and stay married?

Many of us did nothing to learn about marriage. Some of us attended pre-marital classes. Some of us had a few meetings with a Pastor or Priest. Some of us sat down and discussed and planned for our future together. In our case, my husband and I attended pre-marital counseling sessions with a professional. But, we also did something that was never done before. We went through the bible and read every scripture that we could find on marriage, love, husband, wife, relationship and more, to see what God had to say about how to have a true spiritual, covenant, marriage. We then took it a step further. We decided to go on a 40 day journey with God to seek His advice directly to us, on how to have a marriage His way. We wanted to be clear on the way He intended it for all, but also what He intended for our marriage. During those 40 days, we read a scripture at the beginning of each day, meditated on it all day, and came together at the end of the day to discuss it. We prayed over it together and did a Daniel fast for those 40 days. We read our last scripture, did our final prayer and broke our fast at our wedding reception!!!!! God talked to us during that time. And we learned exactly how to have a blessed, happy, successful and prosperous marriage, God’s Way! We still live by those principles.

So why does there appear to be no respect or appreciation for marriage today? It is said that it’s because marriage is portrayed so negatively in books, movies, the news, media and amongst family and friends as something that just doesn’t work. We have found that if you look deeper, that is just not true. So, we have a few things that you can do so you can see what we see. Look around you for marriages that are working. Many people are still in love with their spouse after 5, 10 or 20 plus years. Does this mean they haven’t gone through some stuff? Absolutely not!. May I dare say, that a large percentage of couples are actually doing great. Give them their props. Acknowledge them and give a compliment. Many couples are thriving in their marriages. Here are some reasons why.

· They are spending quality time with their spouse to stay connected.

· They are going on fun dates to continue to create memories.

· They are acknowledging their spouse’s accomplishments and celebrating them.

· They are paying attention and studying one another.

· They are loving on one another and keeping the intimacy alive.

· They are communicating and have learned how to deal with conflict.

· They are attending marriage events and activities with their spouse and other couples.

· They are praying together and spending time with God together.

· And my favorite part, they are not afraid to let the world know that all is well inside of their marriage, their life, their world.

Don’t hate on the positive things that couples are doing. Let’s celebrate with them. Know this. You have a better chance today to have success in your marriage than ever before. You can do this.

Here’s to Building Your Marriage,

Cynthia Greene, The Marriage Visionary

Remember: "If you build it, it will last"

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