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I write on the topic of addiction and the way the world handles it. There are a lot of programs for people on the street and for people in recovery; but there are no programs for people that live in the between. The world has us believe that you cannot function long term while doing illegal substances. However, through meeting people and my own experience with addiction I know that people CAN live normal lives while using. Most people do not agree with this; and that is exactly why I am out to convince otherwise. Until the world accepts this group of people that these people feel alone and in the dark.


I Bet Your Best Friend Is An Addict

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This is original content from NewsBreak’s Creator Program. Join today to publish and share your own content. It is common knowledge that in the United States and all over the world addiction can be seen in our communities. Especially in cities, we can stumble upon used syringes in the streets and people that have an often hollowness in their eyes when they look back into ours. These signs of addiction are easy to spot. What about the signs that are not? Unless we grew up in a household that struggled with addiction; we often do not see the signs that someone we know may be struggling. These signs are easy to miss because we are not conditioned to believe addiction can be hidden for long, if at all. We do not realize that the bathroom breaks are maybe too often. That the shadows in the eyes are not just due to lack of sleep. We glance over that someone seems to not feel well more than is normal. We do not see many of these little signs because maybe they are our mom or dad. Maybe they are our sister, brother, teacher, or even the cop next door. We do not see the signs because these people finished college maybe and have their own home, car, and family. This is a problem. The fact that we do not see signs right in front of our faces. Why we do not is simple. That reason is that the world has set expectations through media, family, and friendships; of what it looks like to be an active addict. The world tells us that nobody can have an addiction to drugs like meth and heroin and still live a normal life. This set expectation is wrong.

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