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A Madison Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Crystal Jackson

Give her what she really wants this year...
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Mother's Day can be the simplest of holidays. Most moms aren't looking for grand gestures--just a show of sincere appreciation. If you really want to make it special, here are a few ways to celebrate Madison mothers this Mother's Day:

Let her sleep.

This one is key. I don’t mean to say that she can sleep in and then be loud and obnoxious or act helpless while she’s resting. I mean: let her sleep. Take the kids somewhere local for breakfast, and then bring her back a cup of local coffee and a favorite breakfast so that when she wakes up she doesn’t have to cook.

Don’t rush her. Don’t be loud. Don't let the kids wake her up. Let her sleep as long as she needs to without judgment. She deserves it with all that she does. This gift costs absolutely nothing but consideration.

Take something off her plate.

Not like a French fry. Do you want to lose a finger??? I mean this figuratively, of course. Mothers have so much on their plates. So take something off of it.

Hire someone to clean the house (or actually do it yourself without guidance, direction, being asked, or requiring a pat on the back for it). Take her out to eat or cook a meal for her. Send her out for a night at a hotel or one of our local wonderful bed and breakfast establishments, an afternoon at a movie, or a couple of hours at a spa for a massage, and then take care of one of the responsibilities on her plate so she doesn’t have to do it.

Don’t phone it in.

Mothers know when you’re doing something out of obligation rather than a desire to express your appreciation. Don’t phone in your efforts. Order flowers from a florist rather than making a last-minute stop at the grocery store. There are many options available in Madison. For last-minute shoppers, both Ingles and Farmview Market could save the day! Choose her favorites, and unless roses are her favorite, skip them altogether.

Make a real effort, but do it because you want her to be happy and know she is appreciated — not to look good or say you did. Plan for it, and don’t put it off until the last minute. It means more to her than a holiday, and don’t you dare bring up commercialism or cost on her special day!

Think thoughtful.

Gifts should be meaningful. They should show that you’re listening to her. Maybe she loves punk rock more than anything and just wants more music on her phone or concert tickets. Maybe her thing is romance, and you can pull out all the stops for a picnic under the stars or a romantic getaway at a bed and breakfast. Maybe she’s good with beer and baseball or a night at home with pizza watching Netflix. Completely at a loss? Consider buying her Downtown Dollars to spend as she chooses (all while boosting our local economy).

Whatever her favorite thing is, do that. Let her know that you see her. I promise that she needs to know that you see her.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated.

But it should be made special. Yes, even if she says she doesn’t want gifts or any fuss. There are still ways to let her know that she matters, that she’s loved, and that someone sees her as a person and not just as a mother.

She doesn’t want to have to tell you. She’s not expecting you to be a mind reader; she’s just hoping you won’t be selfish. She wants to enjoy her special day without having to spell out exactly what she wants and needs because you’re not paying attention. You love her, right? So pay attention.

Should you make her feel loved and appreciated every day? Absolutely. But if nothing else, show it on Mother’s Day with a thoughtful, locally sourced, unique gift. And don't forget to let her sleep in, too!

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